July 26, 2012

Time To Attack!, the photos

 As promised~

 The driver was awesome enough to open up his car to let me take pictures. :D

Pushing your car to its limits does have its price to pay. This broken driveshaft is an example.

 Drifter girl Leona Chin's BMW! Too shy to say hi to her though. ><

Blueberry, lime, or tomato?

The pink kinda suits the car for some reason

 Only at Time To Attack are you given access to the VIP viewing area

People crowding around after this Porsche 911 GT2 lost control and hit the barrier on its rear left corner as it was entering the main straight.

 Tengku Djan's drift demo in the brand new Toyota 86

 And this is the damage

 Time to cool down after a hard day of racing

What's this mystery car?

 The center of attention: A McLaren MP4-12C from Singapore

 A 1000bhp twin turbo Gallardo, also from Singapore. Unfortunately it had transmission problems so it was stuck inside the whole day. I wonder how did it get here in the first place.

 Malaysia's first chrome-wrapped car; an Audi R8 courtesy of Motorsports Playground

 Malaysia's first Ferrari 458 Italia Spider

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