February 26, 2010

My new favourite car

My blog's kinda dusty, I think this random post should sweep a bit of the dust aside.

Back when I was a little boy, I saw this (forgotten where, maybe from a magazine or in a video game):

1997 Dodge Viper GTS from America. The first time I heard this name, and saw this beauty, my little kid eyes just opened up wide and I went "whooaaaaah.....". I was just utterly mesmerized. I really can't resist this retro muscle car's sleek design especially the front. It was love at first sight. Then as the years passed, the Viper evolved to today's Viper SRT10.


which then spawned the extreme Viper ACR-X

However, it wasnt until 2 years ago when I first heard it on Youtube. You can hear one example here. That's when I slowly started to lose interest because for me, a car's sound is one of the main aspects in choosing a favourite, and frankly the Viper doesnt have that muscular growl or roar I was hoping for. And then, last year, this big fella came along:

The Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-SV. The last (and most extreme) version of Murcies to roll off the Sant' Agata Bolognese factory in Italy. A new replacement is due somewhere next year or maybe in 2012 (Dont you dare start on the End of The World bullshit). It's got menacing looks, a monstrous V12 producing 661HP or 670PS (as the name implies), and best of all, a glorious engine note. Hear it here going around Silverstone Circuit and a very similar sounding LP640. It checks all the boxes in the desirability section. Not to mention it's one that will definitely make you scream like a chimpanzee no matter if you're the driver or the over-excited passenger when driven to the limit. That is a really really big bonus. There may be many other cars that are great and awesome, but only this Murcielago can mesmerize me and make my eyes open wide and go "whoaaaaahh....." like I did when I was small.... and then some. Move over Viper.

And for a little bit of knowledge,

1 horsepower (hp) = 746 W (we've learned watts before, no?).
661HP = 493,106W

February 14, 2010


I've always looked forward to Chinese New Year... mainly because I get to visit my relatives and have fun with mahjong and drinking to be merry and collecting ang paus... Y'know, all the CNY things that you get to do only once a year....

But this year everything's totally ****ed up.... Spending the first 2 days (which are also sort of like the biggest days of CNY) doing nothing at home, when by right I should be with my cousins and uncles and aunts shuffling the mahjong tiles. And usually, we would have a grand reunion dinner, as one big extended family. This year we just sit at home, me mum dad and bro eating stuff I already eat on a regular basis. Damn quiet too. Not the usual laughter and cheery atmosphere in restaurants... When I wake up on CNY morning, I'll be wishing all relatives Kung Hei Fatt Choi. This year, just mum and dad. Spent the afternoon lazing in bed... Ugh. Past years, we enjoyed the entire week (or maybe 2-3-4 days) together (or at least with some of my relatives, not all). This year? Visit them on tuesday, then go back wednesday. What the ****???? Why so short????

Everything from a family perspective on this year's CNY is just wrong.... What has mum been thinking... Only consolation is the fireworks.

February 7, 2010

The work never stops....

man... its been a crazy hectic 2 weeks since my last blog.... so many things going on until i can barely find time to write (even now as i finally have free time, its almost dinner and another school week starts tomorrow... T.T) i cant even bother to type using proper punctuations and such since i got loads more important things on my mind. so whats been going on in the world of deric recently?

got my L license last sunday, but i wont be keeping it. not that i can drive with it legally. driving practice starts after chinese new year...

lots of bsmm stuff going on recently... thaipusam service... pra kejohanan sukan service.... sports day service coming up... marching practice coming after cny... planning for the camp... lots of changes have been planned.... lots of changes mean lots of plannings means lots of meetings means lots of discussing.... and soon enough we'll have to prepare for the camp (provided we have permission), and will have to run around to get things ready... our bsmm room was (sort of) broken into on thursday.. some *******s broke a window pane, used a stick or something to take some of our service shirts and dumped them behind the room, all over the place.... stole one marching uniform as well....

badminton meetings on wednesdays..... means rushing from school to tuition means rushing from tuition to badminton.... add maths and chem 1-2 combo on mondays.... rush from school to add maths to chem.... rush rush rush rush.... i never liked a rushing schedule... some like it... but not me... i hate rushing... i want my breaks in between.... speaking of breaks, we had 2 classes of saturday school to replace cny holidays... extra school = extra homework = extra burdens....

then of course, the creme de la creme that is school homework..... spm year... first class... normal thing i guess.... just finished off two bio pekas, accounts, sejarah, 2 rumusans, add maths tuition work.. all of which i've been collecting since tuesday.... and only today i get to finish all of them... wait... still have a bit of add maths tuition... damn. >.< and english oral tomorrow..... damn. i hope i have enough to talk.... >.<

rush rush rush... work work work... jeez, even sitting here thinking about them makes me feel uneasy.....