May 26, 2010


Mmm hmm yeah its exam time so my blog's been abandoned/deserted/ignored for..... well only a week and a half BUT there's another week AND another half to go before I return. Stay tight, I'll be back to dish out several new topics for your reading (dis)pleasure after I'm done with my mid-term on June 4th. Till then~!

May 15, 2010

Thomas Cup 2010

Well, another Thomas Cup campaign has ended, Malaysia KOed by China 0-3 in the semi finals. Kinda sad to see our players crushed like that on home soil, but nonetheless, the crowd was nothing short of spectacular in their support of our players; screaming and cheering and what not with every point our players won, regardless even when their fates were already sealed earlier on during the match. Even during Wong Choong Hann's match the stadium still erupted when he scored. That's the true spirit of the Malaysian fans. I really applaud them for their undying support. As well as every other Malaysian sitting in front of the tele, be it at home, at the mamak stall, or overseas (if applicable), refusing to budge from their seats even when we were already 0-2 down. Still waiting for some sort of miracle to happen; but of course when W.C.H was 5-11 down in the second set we need not say more.

And of course, there are fans who are sad/disappointed/dejected seeing how Malaysia fumbled like they did. I dont blame them. Their perceived-as-heroes bearing the country's flag didnt live up to expectations. Even I couldnt help but feel a pinch when Chong Wei and KKK-TBH got shot down so easily. But I dont blame the players either. Pressure from fans? The crowd being just that bit too loud until their game was affected? China was too good? Or maybe Mas just wasnt in form. So many factors. But still, most importantly is that we, the fans, Malaysian fans had supported them throughout their campaign. Imagine how would they fare if we never cared that they entered the Thomas Cup? Sure, Malaysia isnt the best team in the world, but that's no excuse for you NOT to support them.

But, alas........

There are just so many people that DONT support our players. Why? Just because other players are overall better than ours? Because other players are hotter and more lengzhai than our guys? So, because there are hotter, richer, more successful parents than those you already have, you'd love them more? They arent lousy players, F.Y.I. Chong Wei won this year's All England championship. He won our first silver medal for Olympic badminton. It may not be gold, but it's still an achievement to be proud of. Koo Kien Keat-Tan Boon Heong, they may not be world or Olympic champions, but you cannot deny their formidibality on the world stage. And dont forget the old greats as well. Wong Choong Han, Lee Wan Wah-Choong Tan Fook, Chan Chong Ming-Chew Choon Eng, Foo Kok Keong, just to name a few. So why arent you proud that, at the very least, they have put Malaysia on the world map in badminton? Without them we wouldnt be as respected as we are now. We may not be THE best badminton team, arent you proud that at least we're among the top countries? China, Indonesia, South Korea, Denmark. Only 4 other countries I can think of that are better/as good as Malaysia. Only 4. Is that not good enough for you? You're a really sad case if your answer is no. As for some of you who go the extra distance to say how proud you are that your opponent won, how happy you are that the better team defeated your own national players, and showing how much you "love" them, all I can say is that I'm appalled.

Think about it, apart from Nicole David and squash, what other sport are we strong in? That's right. Badminton. Not F1, not football, not hockey, not swimming, not tennis. Badminton.

And where does a big part of their success come from? The fans. The people. You. Without their support, our players wouldnt have the morale, the motivation and the inner strength to push themselves that little bit harder for a victory. They train hard, they push their bodies that little bit extra, they wring out the last drops of sweat to edge out their opponents. They do all that for their country. They do all that for you. And what do you do? Support Lin Dan. Support Fu-Haifeng. Support Cai Yun. That is your thanks to our heroes who have put in so much effort, the blood, the sweat, and the tears not for themselves, but for Malaysia, and for you. I have no shame in them losing. People dont win all the time. But it's such a shame you just go ga-ga over Lin Dan when he takes off his shirt and dances, displaying the arrogance he is sometimes known for, and not sympathize with the loss of our own Lee Chong Wei. Badminton is just one of the very few things that Malaysians can be proud of, but you choose to support our rivals instead. Great.

On another note, here's something I'd like to test. A friend says that "Handsome people always win". Note, ALWAYS win. 


Valentino Rossi. 9-time World MotoGP Champion. That's a lot of wins, but is really all that handsome? He isnt ugly, but neither do I think he's that so appealing.

Nico Rosberg, Formula 1 driver. I think he's a really dashing young man, but he hasnt won a single race.

Rafael Nadal, tennis player. Handsome, macho-sex appeal. But he doesnt ALWAYS win does he? Still has a long way to go if he wants to better Roger Federer.

Usain "Lightning" Bolt, 3 time Olympic gold medalist sprinter. Nothing can stop him. Is he handsome?

David Beckham, football player. Yeah yeah I know how much of a heart-throb he used to be and how great he was as a player, but as you know, people age.........

...and people tend to lose their heart-throbiness, and their match winning capabilities.

So, do handsome people always win?

May 7, 2010

Calm after the storm

Feeling much calmer now.... Hopefully this wont happen a second time... (if you dont know what I'm talking about, you dont need to know either.... =X) btw thanks Bobby and Immiran for your concerns =)

May 1, 2010

Drowsiness > Determination

I must be having some sort of biological problem. And I think I have to blame dad for that (in a joking manner~).

Exams are coming near. Yeup, we should be burying our heads in those Sejarah, Biology and Accounts books right? Well yeah I'm doing that too- but because I'm sleeping on them. I dont know what my problem is, but whenever I start my studying session I feel so energized, so fresh, and so able to focus on what I'm reading; and yet barely an hour in I already get reeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaallllyyy sleepy.

Yeah like Mr Hippo there. Okay, so I try fighting the urge to sleep, and I keep reading. With each passing page, my eyes get heavier...... and heavier.... and heavier..... until eventually

I get KOed like the dude above, minus the cup of tea. And my sleep isnt for 10-20 minutes okay, I'll be out stone cold for an hour at least. And when I wake up and realise I've wasted precious time sleeping on the job (pun intended), it can either go two ways, but eventually end up with one conclusion:

1) I start reading again, only to fall asleep again. For another hour or so.
2) My body is SO unwilling to move, I just plop my head down and continue sleeping. For another hour or so.

It's not that I WANT to sleep, it's that my body CANT RESIST sleeping, even when my mind keeps saying "Stay awake you blardy *)(@*&)@$&@+*^@#&$@*!!# ". What to do what to doooo.......