April 26, 2009

Inmates Got Talent (too)

Hey Chuah, you got Susan Boyle, I got this (although not as raved as she is):

and here's a (near perfect) comparison to Michael Jackson's original dance video:

you can see more of these dancing inmates at http://www.youtube.com/user/byronfgarcia

April 7, 2009

Bringing back the good ol' (digital) times..

Waaaaaaaaay back when I was about 5 years old I got bitten by the automotive bug when I watched my first Formula 1 race (Canadian GP 1997). Ever since, there was no turning back on this passion that has grown till today. Along the way, Mum had brought the Playstation 1 into the family. The first games I had laid my hands on were Gran Turismo 2 and Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed. Probably till this day, one of the best racing games I've ever played. As time passed, the PS1 wore out, now rendered unusable. Thankfully I had stumbled upon these PS1 emulators that replicate the software environment of a PS1 on your computer, which means you can play PS1 games on your computer. Thanks to these softwares, I can bring back these great games I once cherished so much....

NFS: Porsche Unleashed

NFS 3: Hot Pursuit

Gran Turismo 2

April 2, 2009

ACS Badminton Championships 2009

Yeah, take a look at the scores below, you can see my progress through the championship up till the quarterfinals where we got knocked out:

Round 1 - 21-10, 21-13

Round 2 - 21-13, 19-21, 21-14

Quarterfinals - 22-24, 7-21

I am pleased at least, that I achieved my personal goal of reaching the quarterfinals of any badminton tournament. But, arghhhhhhhhhh, I was really bitterly disappointed with my partner to be honest. We clawed our way back to lead 20-18, but my partner wasted many points and let the opponents come back to win the first set. I felt that I was playing the best game of my life then, I was stretching and lunging and attacking like I never have before, rescuing points I never imagined possible, but I just can't help but see all my hard work come undone by novice errors from my partner. Come the second set, we were confident we could still take the fight to them, but my partner fumbled up even more, and the opponents targeted him throughout, right until the last point.

Well, there is the final chance next year, and hopefully we can go three steps further than we did this year.