November 28, 2015

Staying overnight in the office

It started out as a joke when rain is pouring and the roads are clogged with cars and water; leaving office so late and commutes so long, by the time you'd reach home its already time to sleep.

My half-argument-half-joke made some good sense:

We have nice bathrooms with water sprayer-thingys.
Couches in the resting area with aircond.
WiFi access.
Nearby food shops and a Giant supermarket.

I really could live in my office if I wished. Thats how simple I really am.

My commutes this whole week kinda helped me to turn my joke into a real action, no thanks to all the evening torrential rains.  Sick and tired or spending AT LEAST one and a half hours EACH DAY in my car, yesterday I packed up my bath towel, toiletries and a change of clothes - all I needed to make it through the night.

After cleaning up my office work and chilling for a while, I headed over to Giant for some grocery shopping. After dinner and reaching back to office at about 9-ish, I took my "shower" in one of the cubicles which had the water sprayer thingys.

I'm not sure how to justify installing heaters in the toilets.

Washing up all done, I headed upstairs to the staff resting room, aircond on, draped my towel over one sofa and plopped onto another.

The next thing I knew my alarm was ringing.

Before anyone came into office I washed up again, swapped into my office wear, and kept all my stuff back in the car.

Ingenious, yet insane.

November 3, 2015

The ideal guy that wasnt

Guy meets girl.

Girl shares her concept of the ideal man.

Guy sees himself fitting it quite well.

Guy and girl get along really well.

Girl says many nice things about guy.

Guy starts liking her.

Guy gets friendzoned.

Girl says she's falling for someone else.

Better luck next time, guy.