December 11, 2011

Something happened...

In collaboration with, Shell motor oil and the Lotus Car Club, the Blue Jackets Society of supercar owners organised a trip from KL to Penang, starting from Proto's Center of Excellence.
Zeus, the God of Thunder; cloned himself more than thirty times and went down to earth at Proton's Center of Excellence in Shah Alam in the form of expensive, fast supercars. And then they started roaring and shouting and made lots of noise when they decided to leave.

My brother and I were there to capture the moments on video
(Believe me when I say it's REALLY loud).

December 1, 2011

My personal car-theft prevention tip

To start off the last month of the year, I give you this neat trick to prevent your car from being stolen. It wont apply to most of today's cars though because of more high tech engines, but if so happens you can do it on your car then good for you!. I came up with this idea after reading about so many stolen car cases around KL and thankfully its very easy and slightly dirty (but free!) to do. I wont bore you with the how-it-works stuff (you can ask me if you're interested), so I'll get straight to it.

 Open up your car bonnet and look for a round thingy (called a distributor) with lots of fat cables attached on top (or it may be lying sideways) of it. Check if yours has a cable attached in the middle (like mine here, nicely shown in bright yellow :P). If it doesnt, well, too bad, you cant do anything else....


Trace the wire from the middle of the distributor to a cylinder-shaped device (called the ignition coil). As nicely shown here, again thanks to the fat bright yellow wire, you can see it going to the ignition coil laying on its side.

All you have to do is remove this fat wire and (if you dont mind) keep it in your pocket/bag, preferably bring it along with you. You can keep it hidden in your car, just hope that they dont find it. For piece of mind I'd carry it with me. Now your car will not start and it wont get stolen! Unless they somehow get another fat wire or tow it away or something... Well at least it should help deter many car thieves since they mostly hot-wire the car and drive off.