July 15, 2014

Mid Year Updates

Hello everyone!

It's been quite some time I know. Been busy with my new job at Mercedes, but not (yet.) as overwhelmed as at VW. Mainly because for this 2 1/2 months I've been attached to my senior consultant, helping him with his work most of the time. From time to time I did attend customers on my own, but starting next Monday I'll be officially out on my own two feet once again. And with Raya just around the corner my gut tells me it'll be a crazy week, but as I have experienced here so far, it's not a daily situation. So I should be able to (hopefully) hang in there for a longer time.

Next up in my updates is my 16th Teen Dhamma Camp which was held last month. Similar to my YDC21 camp but for the younger age group. I joined as their security committee (just like YDC21), so more of the same of first aid treatment, controlling participants and backing up in activities where needed. It was something new to be around a bunch of teens 5-7 years younger than me; a whole different generation. I did get along with a some of the kids during the camp, and a few more during the recent camp reunion dinner.

The thing I noticed from both camps was that, in YDC21 the impact of the camp mainly came from the end because of all the new and wonderful friends I made. In TDC16 I felt the impact, also at the end of the camp, but mainly because the whole journey from planning to executing the camp strengthened my bonds with the other committees.  (Jeeves, Tung and Rylee, here's to you (; )  That being said, I still have fun with the new bunch of kids I've met. All in all another great program from the folks as SJBA.
Sadly I couldnt stay till the very end of camp because it clashed with....

 Graduation day.

Seeing my family walk into the registration hall was the moment where two things hit me:

1) This is it. I'm finally officially ending my college years. a 2 1/2 year journey is finally ending.

2) I've been very fortunate to have a family that loves and supports me. Especially seeing my mum who came all the way up from Sitiawan just for those 4 hours of the ceremony. That really hit me in the soft spot.

My bunch of goodies for being one of the outstanding students of the 2011 batch. :) Loving the Ferrari mug and keychain, although I wished the keychain was thinner so it wouldnt make such a bulk in my pockets. But still. :D

And so.... that's about all my updates for this two and a half months. Till then!