July 27, 2013

Le dull weekend

Greetings minions~

So I had my day off on Friday, which was duly spent on sleeping, sleeping, and more sleeping. Except for the morning part where I went to Puchong to have my Datsu's leaking brake problem fixed. For about 5 months, every week I had to keep topping up brake fluid. Finally yesterday I had the time to find out what was causing it, and so........

Behold the disgusting gunk!

The wheel cylinder (the silver cylindrical shaped thingy at the bottom) had been leaking really badly, as you can see all the lausai-like browny goodness everywhere. The wet brakes might also explain why my parking brake wasnt so effective. Now that the wheel cylinder has been changed and the brakes washed down, it's time to check if there are anymore leaks, and if my parking brakes improve.

With Friday done, half-day work today, AND another afternoon of sleeping like a pig, I woke up feeling bad for wasting two days just like that. I feel like going out and doing something, but I'm not sure what it is I want to do... Hmm~

July 7, 2013

2 months in


I just recovered from a 1-day fever and stomach ache sickness package yesterday. I had the fever in the wee hours of the morning which subsided a bit when I went to work but once I got there I had a horrid bout of stomach aches which made me spend 3 trips and about 45 minutes in the toilet. Most grueling indeed. And then when I came back the stomach ache went away but then the fever came back, like some tag-team wrestling match. But thanks to some paracetamol and lots of water I woke up this morning feeling much better. :)

Right, it's been 2 months since I've started my internship with Mercedes Benz, and it's still going as good as ever. I've swapped trainers last month, from Steven who did mostly maintenance service and underbody work to Alvin the electronics and minor diagnostics specialist. I've learned tons of things under him, however he's quite restrictive in that he rarely lets me be involved with work, except regular servicing.

 It can get a touch frustrating but I have raised it to my team leader, maybe another friendly reminder will help. I really feel the urge to get out and start doing work on my own, not because I think I'm better than Alvin or Steven but I just feel that I am ready to tackle the jobs on my own two feet, with some consultation from time to time from seniors perhaps.

Actually, there was one day when Alvin was absent from work and I got to go all out on my own with my leader watching from behind. It felt great, the ability to do work unrestricted and knowing that my leader had the confidence in me to perform solo.

The two cars I did on my own :D

In two weeks time me and my two fellow TOC interns will be working with our GERMAN supervisor for inspection duties when our company will be having a service campaign for customers who havent been to our service center for more than 2 years. This should be interesting.