March 23, 2013

RIP badminton shoes...

Some time ago I had blogged about my shoes being on the brink of tearing apart, but thanks to the cobbler back in Sitiawan its lifespan was fairly extended.

Last night, I went out for a session with friends. While warming up, the stitchings from the cobbler's repairs gave way on the left shoe and the front half of the sole started flapping about. Not wanting my night to come to a premature end I ripped it out and kept on playing. Amazingly it mostly held on throughout the session but it did suffer. On top of that the right shoe was starting to fall apart as well.

It was only a matter of time.

4 years isnt too bad for a pair of badminton shoes I guess.

You've served me well. RIP~

March 18, 2013

Petronas Motorsports Demo Run 2013

Its Monday again? 

Its okay. Monday's almost over.

Anyway, yesterday I made my way to Suria KLCC for the P.M.D.R held in conjunction with the coming Petronas Malaysian Formula 1 GP this weekend. This demo run brings the experience of motorsports to the streets for the public to get a taste of. I reached KLCC at 2pm, as I saw the post on Petronas Motorsports' Facebook page. What I didnt know was the schedule details, which stated the demo actually starts at 4.30. 

So for about 2 and a half hours I derped around, not knowing when would the demo actually start. I sat through a "performance" by the traffic police squad, some motorcycle acrobatics by the army, and, uhm... yeah. Finally, the demo had started although by then I was partially drained from all the walking and standing. Good thing the sun was slightly forgiving.

It started with some runs on a supersports racing bike, followed by some Cub Prix bikes ( I think they call it), which sounds just like the modified Mat Rempit kapchais. After that was a Formula junior something race car.

Finally, the pi├Ęce de r├ęsistances, the Formula 1 and SLS AMG GT3 race cars. The Formula 1 car came out first. It was supposed to do 5 laps around the closed-off Jalan Ampang but after the second or third lap the run abruptly ended with the car being pushed back.

Oh noes.

While the engineers sorted out the problem (if there was one) the SLS GT3 came out and did 9 laps, shared equally by 3 drivers. Each driver change also came with an impressive demonstration of a pit-stop and tire change. 

After the SLS did its rounds, our young hotshot Jazeman Jaafar came out in the F1 car for a final run before the event ends. His stint was mostly burnouts and short accelerations, but since it was his first time driving an F1 car I dont think anybody would be complaining.

As always with such events like this, I had my camera on standby to shoot some videos, which you can enjoy down below.

March 11, 2013

A weekend

Happy Monday everyone!

Yes, even Grumpy Cat hates Mondays. Garfield isn't alone now.

My weekend was somewhat interesting. More interesting than most...

Started off by waking up at 7 (!!) on Saturday for what I was told a Ferrari convoy heading to Penang, leaving at 8am (supposedly). We reached the gathering point at 7.45 but not even one prancing horse was to be found anywhere. I know how bad Malaysian punctuality can be but this was unusual. I waited for about 15 mins until a friend told me they had changed their starting point to somewhere much further away and had already left anyway.

Lousy way to start the weekend isnt it.

Later at 10.30 I had YSG with my SJBA buddies. It was a station games session. In fact a lot a lot lot of their sessions are games. But I'm not complaining. Hehe.

The punishments were horrible! Duck walks duck walks and more duck walks! My thighs still sore a bit.

I'm a newspaper unicorn! Sort of.

After YSG I headed to Sunway Pyramid to use my 1Malaysia book vouchers. I walked out with Elton John's photo biography, the history of Formula 1 in photographs, and the complete history of Porsche. Not bad. And I still had RM100

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

Filled up petrol for the Datsu. I got a surprise when petrol gushed out from the petrol filler hole. TWICE. Probably a combination of putting the (longer than others I've seen) nozzle too far in and pumping at full pressure. Even stranger was that the petrol meter didnt go up as far as it normally would every time I pump RM50s worth. And driving it today, just one return trip to college saw the meter reach the halfway mark. I hope it's not a leak.

Went to SJBA's TQG session. Its like YSG but for the younger age group. I can feel my age when others still have "teen" in theirs. After that I went to... another bookstore to finish up my vouchers. And I finally found Steven Gerrard's biography! :D

Oh and while I was there, I saw this

After I was done I left and headed towards the bus stand. Two buses were waiting. I had to cross the road to get there, but I couldnt because the traffic light just turned green and cars were going by. While I waited the buses left. This has been the third time in the last month I've taken the bus that  I just missed it by mere minutes. As a result, I had to wait 1 HOUR AND TWENTY MINUTES for the next one. Shame on you RapidKL.

Fine. Since I had Stevie G's book in my hand I thought I'd go to the nearby mamak, get a drink and read a bit. Finally the bus came. It probably only took 10-15 minutes to reach back home. Haiz.

At least I got some really cool books to read :)