March 24, 2012

Injured: Episode 2

How many of you have had your eye injured before? Never? I guessed as much. Here's my experience:

Yesterday morning, I was carrying some boxes at work. Innocent, harmless, cardboard boxes. You could draw a face on them and make new friends. You can insult them all you want and they wont be hurt or angered. So as I was carrying these boxes, one of the box's pointy edges of the cover went strrrrrrrraight into my left eye. And I mean the eyeball. The white, spherical organ which grants us our sense of vision.

There was that instant sharp pain, followed by what they call the "foreign body sensation", the feeling that something, SOMETHING is in your eye but there actually isnt. I quickly checked in the mirror with the help of a torchlight and found a sort of torn/smudged-like patch, slightly larger than, and right over my pupil. This then explained my blurred vision. Soon after, the "foreign body sensation" turned into slight pains when I blink. Lunch time came and upon talking to my supervisor and manager, they both ordered me to see a doctor.

The nearby clinic couldnt help however. Well INITIALLY they said they could check it for RM10, but when I told them my symptoms they recommended an eye doctor in SS15. WHAT! So freaking far wey!

So I went to Taipan, and *poof* two opticians to choose from. Upon further checking, the optician said I was lucky it was just a minor abrasion of the cornea. This video perfectly shows it. It was about here that my eye began to redden and shed tears, which he said is normal as a reaction to the impact. He then added it should self-heal in about two days. Otherwise, there is an eye-doctor just across the road in another part of Taipan. SS15 my ass.

Later on in the day, my eye began giving off-and-on immense, extreme sharp pains which hurt so much I stopped whatever I did and just cringe for some 10-20 seconds. Mind you, this is the eyeball. Lots of nerve endings, ESPECIALLY in the cornea. It hurt so bad and my eye was so red my supervisor advised me to go home immediately. Strangely however the pain subsided right after that, so I carried on until closing time.

After a good night's rest, I woke up this morning with my eye not wanting to open, like it was saying "Oi, we're repairing your cornea here! Dont disturb us!" Eventually I got it to open, my vision was better, there was no pain, but still red. Surprisingly, the pain came back with a vengeance during my first two hours at work. I even felt like asking for a day off because of it. But somehow I didnt, and from about 11am onwards there was no more pain, even until now. It's still red though. And some tears are dripping as I type. Hopefully with a full day's rest tomorrow it will be back to normal by Monday. 

So kids, the moral of the story here is:


March 20, 2012

Spotted: Stuff at Work

Even though these beauties didnt come to OUR workshop, they were still quite the sights to behold.

 Porsche 911 GT3 Mk1

Max power: 415bhp
Top speed: 311km/h
0-100kph time: 4.1 seconds
Price: N/A

 Ferrari 360

Max power: 400bhp
Top speed: 299kph
0-100kph time: 4.3 seconds
Price: Apprx RM500,000 to RM700,000

 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

Max power: 505bhp
Top speed: Just over 300km/h
0-100kph time: 3.6 seconds
Price: About US$ 70,000 or over RM600,000 to import one

March 11, 2012

Spotted: Bandar Sunway Specials

 While I was having my break after I passed my college trade test 3 weeks ago, one day I decided to take a short drive to Sunway for an afternoon walk; not in Sunway Pyramid, not in Sunway University, nor in Sunway Lagoon, but somewhere where many people do not realise of it's existence and what lurks within....

March 4, 2012

Re-establishing my social life

You may be wondering, "what does he mean by that? Was he in exile or meditating at the top of Gunung Kinabalu or in some jungle cave?". Well I'm not sure if I have mentioned this previously (but in private yes), but honestly my college is a drab and dull place in social terms. There isnt any games days or extra activities out of class. Its just class in, class out. Yeah sure I have friends here but, to put it nicely, they're not really my kind of people, not the kind I'd like to mix and mingle around with. Of course we are fine and on talking terms but that's pretty much it. Except maybe 3-4 of them (and our lecturers) that I get along with better and chat with, yeah those few blokes are cool. But in general, nuh uh.

So then I started joining Subang Jaya's Buddhist Association late last year and while there was a brief pause in their activities, this year has kicked off well and I've been making more friends ever since, in part because I get to be my normal social self again around people who suits me (this sounds selfish doesnt it) and my style of socialising. It kind of feels like finding back an old part of me that dropped off somewhere along the transition from small-town-school to big-city-college life and also discovering a place, a community where I feel I can fit in, be comfortable and be happy.

On the subject, today was SJBA's fun fair day! So yeah, a day full of fun and games for the families that came. But this fair isnt like most; in that the proceeds from this fair will all go to underprivileged families. They're even having a donation drive that started today, and even I contributed some instant noodles to them. So YOU,

 to make a difference to these families now! Follow the link above for more!

So anyway, I had my enjoyment today, and upon my realisations and reflections as I type this, I look forward to continuously be closer to the SJBA family with the great people that I keep meeting here each time.