October 22, 2012

Tough times ahead

Normally I'm not the type to tell out about family issues because, well, its family issues. But for once I need to get this off my chest.

My dad's workshop business hasnt been doing so well in recent months. As a result he hasnt gotten his salary for the past 2 months. Unsure when he will get his pay again, it was in his best interest he went to find another job to at least have SOME income. So he did. His main job is to handle servicing paperwork for the cars of a hotel. These cars are used to send and fetch guests to and from where ever, mainly KLIA. His pay here is about just over half of his workshop income.

He has the option to drive these guests and earn commission per drive. Thinking that the extra income will help every bit, he tries to do as much driving duties as he can.

Mind you, he's 61 years old.

Yesterday dad called and told me and my brother that he's been having terrible back pains since Thursday. He's already seen two doctors and an acupuncturist but nothing has worked. Most probably the next thing to do is get an X-ray. My brother told me that he most probably has a herniated spinal disc. Good news is that it isnt so serious. But treatment will take quite some time, and these medical costs coming and together with dad's reduced income, it will make things quite difficult. I'm already just getting by on a monthly allowance for bills, food and travel expenses.

Food has been one thing that has been bugging me for some time. Before college I ter-saw dad's planned monthly allowance for me, which was RM400. Ever since coming to KL I've (and still am) trying very hard to keep within budget because, well, that's just how much my dad can allocate.

So the one expense, apart from self-enjoyment activities, that I can control would be of course, food. So my diet has mainly been dictated by how much I have left for the month. As a result....

On the left was me in 2010, on the right was me in July this year. Quite obvious weight loss I think. I mean everyone who knew me two years ago have commented on how thin I've become.

One person who was worried about my transformation is my mum. As such she has been constantly pushing me to eat more. Which would mean spending more on food. Which would mean going over budget. And with the current financial situation my dad is going through, that's just not feasible. So what do I do? Keep within budget, or eat more? Haiz.

A part time job might be the answer.