January 22, 2014

My baptism of fire

Working life.

Its been 2 1/2 weeks since I've forayed into the big man's working world. I find myself in the biggest service center in Malaysia for ----. ---- is the name of the company which I've decided to censor to keep myself free from people who are hunting down our company. 

My job involves receiving customers, recording their service/repair requests or problems and relaying them to the workshop. After that I would have to keep track of the jobs and update customers when necessary, preparing invoices, then finally delivering the cars back to them once its done. This is the bare basics of my job. But of course, that's only the basics of it. Some jobs are simple, straightforward servicing. Some require all sorts of documents and paperwork. Some need to have a test drive arranged with the customer.

In between, there are warranty claims, answering random calls which come in a myriad of enquiries, figuring out what to tell customers when work has been delayed, and so on.

Each day I handle 6-10 cars, not counting pending jobs from previous days. This doesnt seem like a big number and it probably isnt. Some of the managers I've talked to used to do double that amount. And yet, on some days I find myself dragging my feet through the door at the end of the day, energy sapped to the minimum. The earliest I've reached home from work is 8pm. Handling unhappy customers, having multiple customers waiting for you to attend them, . They say if you can survive working here, you can survive pretty much anywhere. This is about as pressuring a workplace can be.

Probably all this pressure is what's making me be short of words to blog now. Hmm. While other young 20ers are still enjoying uni life, here I am in the one of the biggest pressure cookers in the country...