February 14, 2016

Haha You're Still Single

Valentines Day.

A day for me to watch and reflect on the world that has passed by; friends and relatives older than me already married, engaged, or at least in some stable relationship.

Those younger or about my age, and many of which, very recently, have found partners. These couples seem to be sprouting like mushrooms after rain; so sudden and in large numbers.

And then there's me. Still the same ever since I was born.

One time, I had put in genuine effort in a girl and she ended up liking somebody else (not that anything even managed to start between us).
One girl that I have liked for a while and have known for much much longer, didnt feel the chemistry.

And then there's the rest of them who:

 Look like the type I'd want to know better


 Have known for a while or fairly close, would want to try and see if something works


1) Barely reply
2) Are always busy (may go together with #1)
3) Are already eyeing someone else
4) Are already WITH someone else 
5) Gives the friend/brozone
6) Are leaving the country

This may make me look like a player by trying to get more than one girl, but then given my 0% progress rate thus far I dont think I can even be a player in the first place.
Am I missing or lacking something important?
Am I making the wrong approach?
Is life playing one big troll game with me?

Answers are needed.

General Updates

About time I'd clear my 2 months of backlogged life updates:


A very busy month hence the neglected blog. It had actually started back in September when our workshop saw a massive spike in accident claims. 

Somewhere in between we had a company training program where we got to experience some of Merc's latest high-powered AMG models:

Guess which of the three I got to drive :3

At the end of December came YDC 23, only my second youth camp since YDC 21 back in 2012. Despite the very short time frame we had to plan the camp we managed to pull it off spectacularly (albeit imperfectly).

Our A-Team :)



The same A-Team you see above gave me a belated birthday surprise in the form of a cake and a shirt that says:

I didnt become a blonde chick

Apart from that, another busy busy month especially with the Chinese New Year rush which only added to the stress


February (So far)

Ah yes, Chinese New Year.

Unfortunately not as joyous as I had hoped because some of my relatives had different plans this year, and some had to work while I enjoyed a one-week break. I left my hometown just this morning, and even after 5 years of traveling to and fro it still gets to me, especially after long stays.

Sitiawan is more than just a hometown where I grew up and went to school.
With my mum still staying there, it has become a sanctuary. In fact she is the only reason why I'd want to go back.
An escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city and all with it that clouds my brain.
A place where I can just let go and walk around shirtless in the front garden, breaking away from the vigorous working life.

Maybe its because each time I leave Sitiawan to carry on with life, it serves as a reminder that my time here is running out. The time will come I wont have anymore reasons to make the 3-4 hour drive to escape reality and seek refuge in my sanctuary. And that disturbs me still.