January 27, 2010


its a very ironic thing. I kept telling myself since last year I cant be bothered to join badminton MSSD because:

1) I've never qualified anyway
2) Singles only, not my strong point.

So today was the selection for this year's MSSD competition, I'd thought "Blerh, I wont make it in like the past 4 years, biarkan lah". But I came anyways because I had tuition until 4, while the selection was 3-5. I figured just drop by and help out with anything. Then Pn Apisza (badminton club teacher) was there, she asked me if I wanted to just try. The selection goes tournament style, you loose you dont get to wakil, if you can reach semi-finals (aka top 4), then will get to be on the school team. At first I said dont want, no point oso, then after a bit of thinking, considering I was already in badminton attire and with my racket... "ala, just cuba lah. tak dapat lantak lah. dapat then I happy lah".

So my opponent was this small little boy, looks like form 3. seriously overweight. SERIOUSLY. so then we played. and I lost. My fault really. I thought shuttle go out, landed in so many times. After tied at 6-6 (out of 11 points), all my hits pulak terbang keluar. "Aiyo, small overweight boy oso you can lose ah....", "Haiyo, you play like girl is it....", "ala, apa la lu...." I know lots of you will be thinking like this. I'm Form 5, played badminton for almost 10 years, with a flashy branded racket and flashy branded shoes, and I lose to this little fella. I asked for it I guess.

Now if you would excuse me......

January 18, 2010

ACS Merentas Desa First Aid Service 2010

Well, as the title says, we had our merentas desa (cross-country) event today. Not really that big, just went around the Astaka field, through a housing area, along the main road, and back into Astaka. I was stationed with 5 other volunteers and our BSMM Manjung officer Mr Shanmugam at the finish line where most of the runners will start to have problems. Thankfully nothing serious, just some simple cramps, some dizziness, tired, and that's pretty much it.  I saw Tai Swee Kee (Yellow team) come in first for Boys Class 1, and DC Gong (Blue) for Girls Class 1. After that, all the runners came piling in, stretching the 7 of us (and also water supply) to the very limit. Gladly we managed to handle the situation well (especially when the other station members came back for reinforcements) and nobody fainted or complained of lack of service. I'd like to thank the 20 volunteers who came to help out, our teacher advisor Pn Phiong and Mr Shanmugam, without them our duties would have been much much harder. Managed to click a few pictures, hopefully some of them could be used for this year's school magazine, since they portray the true meaning of being a First Aider.

January 17, 2010

Sitiawan is on Youtube (in Foochow)!


STRONGLY  recommend you mute the audio, because this singer isnt actually good... =X But at least he loves Sitiawan to make a music video! =D

January 14, 2010

Thank You, thank you thank you thank you thank you...

to all these people who've made my birthday one truly worth remembering...

Mum, Dad, Big Brother, Por Por, Cousins Karyn, Yoke Yee, Ah Cheng, Ah Seong , Naomi and Hazel, Hou Zhen, Aashpal, Faris, Yeng Fei, Delia, Christine, Mei Jing, Nadia, Pei Ting, Yee Hui, Arif, Arivind, Wan Sing, Yvonne Hew, Cia Cia, Mindy, Kenny, Cacing, Clinton, Rychard, Wen Wei, Hian Huat, Ik Kwong, David Abraham, Hong Yeong, Audrey, Tse Mun, Kah Yin, Chui Teng, Ganesha, Yuet Ying, Nurefni, Yong Kang, Arun, Aidil, Thiban, Yegan, Ku Nur Fatin, Rohaniza, Puveeniyal, Sasithren, Namira, Kiaos Tan, Dennis Su @ Bosco, Jiun Hao, Hwa Shiong, Serene Ling, Mei Hung, Amira Syafinas, Nur Soleha, Lee Junyan, Michelle Wong, Kar Wey, Gwen Cheah, Pey Chyi,  Imran Raouf (C), Amirul aka Bob (B), Ivan, Heng Soon, Shuwen,  Pey Woei, Devindran, Viveek Raj, Yuganathan, Cyn Sheng, Benji Choo, Khairani Illyani, Teck Hing, Aryati, Zhang Song, Rahul, Yeugan Naidu,  Eunice,  Shea Rou, Joshua, Jia Minn, Yuricia Vebrina Lahar, David Robb, Ariff Aziz, Krishna, Hui Yi, Jack Ding, Boey Lee, John Ling, Sze Hsien, Tarshandiny, Hazimah, Fang Mei, Adilah Nur, Evonne Ding, Alicia Tan, Jae Wren, Wern Di ,Ily Izzaty,  Aunty Su and family, Naren, Yugeswaran, Rajivana, Tharini, Shiang Jenn, Maynie, Chai Ping, Miss Hidayah.......


How Could I Forget

Chuah Su Wen

For gathering (although not all) our classmates at the canteen before school started, with the birthday cake waiting there (his idea, cake cost shared by 10 classmates), and having them sing Happy Birthday to me... You sir, made this the best birthday in my 17 years walking the Earth...

January 3, 2010

Hmm.... mechanical engineering?

Okay, I spent the whole afternoon thinking, what if, IF, BIG IF the circumstances dont allow me to follow automotive engineering. See my original problem here, and please do give some help and/or opinions. I have had mechanical engineering in mind as an emergency backup plan in case I cant get into auto. eng. I've done some research around Lowyat and I found these choices....

UNITEN- Affordable, recognised by professional body (IMechE), very widely recommended. heard that a lot of malays there (just repeating what I read in forums. I'm not racist nor do I want to be)

MMU- Also on the affordable side, also very well-recommended, (but one thread I read showed that MMU was falling apart like lecturers leaving and shortage of manpower especially in engineering section). I think it's also recognised by professional body (BEM if I'm not wrong. I went through so many topics I already forgot... sweat.gif )

UTAR- affordable, widely recommended, recognised by IMechE too I think.

KTAR- my brother and cousin went there, no complaints from them....

Monash, Nottingham, Swinburne, Taylors anything from europe or america, even Sunway i think is waaaaaaaaay too expensive for me. Those are definitely out of the question blink.gif

Any extra info and opinions are very much appreciated.....

January 2, 2010

I need help choosing a college

This is directly copied from a forum I joined:

I'm taking SPM this year and I really would love to study automotive engineering when I move on to college, and the one choice that stood out for me is The Otomotif College. I was quite sure this will be the college I will go to, but when I look at the TOC Facebook page it is full of negative and harsh feedback, even telling people to never go there at all. Link here

Any TOC student, can you PLEASE share your views and opinions?

Okay, so I dug up the internet and around Lowyat Forums for any alternative option, and here's what I found:

TOC- Saw some positive reviews and was recommended by a few forumers. I read one post saying no diploma and/or degree in Auto. Eng is available, actually there is. See here

Despark Auto Academy- offers courses in modifying cars (for aspiring tuners) and engine management, both of which are not what Im looking for. For some reason I didnt feel impressed while browsing the website. I dont mean to be prejudice or anything, but when I saw the brochure and application form was half English/half Chinese, I had a feeling either the quality of English is not good and/or most of the people there speak Chinese (which I cant because Im a BANANA)

Nilai - Offers Auto. Eng. diploma and degree, but it's in Seremban, while my family is up here in Perak with some in Selangor. Its not an automotive specialist by the way...

Times Academy- Only vehicle operations management and automotive mechatronics, both of which arent in my interest.

Tekat Automotive College- The closest thing they have is automotive technology. And also I've never heard of this place.

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia- They offer automotive engineering but they are waaaaaaaay too far in Johor.

Kuala Lumpur Infrastructure University College (KLIUC)- They have Auto. Eng. and are located in Kajang, the same town my uncle lives in, so it'll be much easier to live there, but I read one of the forumers here say "it sucks to the core" and its "dirty until it makes you wanna puke". Personally I've never heard of this place being known for its Auto. Eng. course.

I think that's about all.... I really hope you can help me make up my mind on which college to choose. The last thing I want is to choose a different course not related to cars/automobiles, since my life has been about cars since I was 6 years young....