January 2, 2010

I need help choosing a college

This is directly copied from a forum I joined:

I'm taking SPM this year and I really would love to study automotive engineering when I move on to college, and the one choice that stood out for me is The Otomotif College. I was quite sure this will be the college I will go to, but when I look at the TOC Facebook page it is full of negative and harsh feedback, even telling people to never go there at all. Link here

Any TOC student, can you PLEASE share your views and opinions?

Okay, so I dug up the internet and around Lowyat Forums for any alternative option, and here's what I found:

TOC- Saw some positive reviews and was recommended by a few forumers. I read one post saying no diploma and/or degree in Auto. Eng is available, actually there is. See here

Despark Auto Academy- offers courses in modifying cars (for aspiring tuners) and engine management, both of which are not what Im looking for. For some reason I didnt feel impressed while browsing the website. I dont mean to be prejudice or anything, but when I saw the brochure and application form was half English/half Chinese, I had a feeling either the quality of English is not good and/or most of the people there speak Chinese (which I cant because Im a BANANA)

Nilai - Offers Auto. Eng. diploma and degree, but it's in Seremban, while my family is up here in Perak with some in Selangor. Its not an automotive specialist by the way...

Times Academy- Only vehicle operations management and automotive mechatronics, both of which arent in my interest.

Tekat Automotive College- The closest thing they have is automotive technology. And also I've never heard of this place.

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia- They offer automotive engineering but they are waaaaaaaay too far in Johor.

Kuala Lumpur Infrastructure University College (KLIUC)- They have Auto. Eng. and are located in Kajang, the same town my uncle lives in, so it'll be much easier to live there, but I read one of the forumers here say "it sucks to the core" and its "dirty until it makes you wanna puke". Personally I've never heard of this place being known for its Auto. Eng. course.

I think that's about all.... I really hope you can help me make up my mind on which college to choose. The last thing I want is to choose a different course not related to cars/automobiles, since my life has been about cars since I was 6 years young....

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