January 18, 2010

ACS Merentas Desa First Aid Service 2010

Well, as the title says, we had our merentas desa (cross-country) event today. Not really that big, just went around the Astaka field, through a housing area, along the main road, and back into Astaka. I was stationed with 5 other volunteers and our BSMM Manjung officer Mr Shanmugam at the finish line where most of the runners will start to have problems. Thankfully nothing serious, just some simple cramps, some dizziness, tired, and that's pretty much it.  I saw Tai Swee Kee (Yellow team) come in first for Boys Class 1, and DC Gong (Blue) for Girls Class 1. After that, all the runners came piling in, stretching the 7 of us (and also water supply) to the very limit. Gladly we managed to handle the situation well (especially when the other station members came back for reinforcements) and nobody fainted or complained of lack of service. I'd like to thank the 20 volunteers who came to help out, our teacher advisor Pn Phiong and Mr Shanmugam, without them our duties would have been much much harder. Managed to click a few pictures, hopefully some of them could be used for this year's school magazine, since they portray the true meaning of being a First Aider.

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