January 3, 2010

Hmm.... mechanical engineering?

Okay, I spent the whole afternoon thinking, what if, IF, BIG IF the circumstances dont allow me to follow automotive engineering. See my original problem here, and please do give some help and/or opinions. I have had mechanical engineering in mind as an emergency backup plan in case I cant get into auto. eng. I've done some research around Lowyat and I found these choices....

UNITEN- Affordable, recognised by professional body (IMechE), very widely recommended. heard that a lot of malays there (just repeating what I read in forums. I'm not racist nor do I want to be)

MMU- Also on the affordable side, also very well-recommended, (but one thread I read showed that MMU was falling apart like lecturers leaving and shortage of manpower especially in engineering section). I think it's also recognised by professional body (BEM if I'm not wrong. I went through so many topics I already forgot... sweat.gif )

UTAR- affordable, widely recommended, recognised by IMechE too I think.

KTAR- my brother and cousin went there, no complaints from them....

Monash, Nottingham, Swinburne, Taylors anything from europe or america, even Sunway i think is waaaaaaaaay too expensive for me. Those are definitely out of the question blink.gif

Any extra info and opinions are very much appreciated.....

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