September 26, 2011

Injured =='

Three weeks ago I was playing badminton when I started having these short, sharp, stinging pains in my lower back when I bend in certain ways. I still went for the next week's game, but the problem only became worse. So then I took last week off to rest but unfortunately the pain is STILL there. I'm gonna try the heat treatment method using those heat rubbing creams

Hopefully (well BY RIGHT) they (SHOULD) work and I'll be back to playing again within this week or two. If this doesnt work then it's either I start buying bags of ice or a trip to the doctor...

September 9, 2011

Honk if you're proud to be Malaysian!

So this evening me and my dad were going to the MPSJ Stadium for our exercise. We came up to the traffic lights when for some reason cars started sounding their horns. I was quite puzzled since it was a red light anyway, so what's the point? Then we saw some students (probably Form 4 or Form 5) holding up a sign saying "Honk if you're proud to be Malaysian!" and walking along the divider past the line of cars as more cars went "beep beep!" and "pon pon!". 

What the heck, so I sounded my horn too, and then *cough cough* one of the girls holding the sign turned, gave a biiiiiiiiig smile and waved right at me. TEEHEEEE. There was a guy recording their little campaign too, so perhaps it'll be on Youtube sometime in the future.

September 2, 2011

2 weeks already? o__O

Aw man, it was just last Friday I left for balik kampung and like that, *POOF* it became Koko Krunch!! I'm already back in my apartment. Time flies so fast these days... T_T

Well it was a thoroughly rotting relaxing time at home, lazing on the couch and crashing on the bed after a bit over 2 months. The rainy season meant mostly nice cool weather throughout. Aaaahhh Sitiawan I missed you so~

Finally after over a month I got to play badminton again, although managed only one outing during my stay. Haih. Seriously cant wait to play more games again and de-rust myself... Speaking of badminton, I got my shoes mended for a mere RM6, which includes stitching all around both soles.

Maaaaaaaaaybe it's not the most beautiful of fixes but they should hold on for a good half a year, perhaps more hopefully.

And speaking of breaking-apart shoes, here's my pair of sports shoes:

This was a while back, but since we're on topic.....

Oh well.

I'm already starting to miss the good, cheap food at home. I had a frickin RM5 plate of konlou mee (or mi kicap) with nothing but a palm-sized amount of noodles and some char siew. Its not that it tastes bad, but the price instantly reminded me about the better-tasting-yet-much-cheaper claypot/curry/prawn mee/etc I had over the past week.

And here I am, counting down the last 3 days of college break before it's back to the old grind. *sighs*