July 10, 2011

My shoes have only a few months to live...

Sad, but true. It's been a good 2 and a half years I've been wearing these Apacs Air-Repulsion 360s for my badminton games, and now they're showing signs of their impending demise...

Front sole starting to come off

 here too

Rear sole starting to peel..... 

 .... and detach entirely

as you can see here

 and also here

"Sir, your shoes only have a few months left to live"

Whether it's going to be an epic RRRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIPPPPPPP or a slow and progressive cancer-style death, at least I'll be prepared for it... Tissue boxes on standby please~


In related news:

Today was the first time *everrrrrr* I played badminton on my own in KL. I found this group of badminton kakis at http://www.badmintoncentral.com/forums/forumdisplay.php/90-Malaysia who happened to be regularly playing near my place here in USJ. I cant join my big brother since he and his friends play on weekdays, across the opposite end of the state, and are like, 10 levels higher than me, I decided to look around the forum for a more suitable time, place and group to play with. And find one I did. TeeHEE.

Well okay they're all about the same age as my brother (yesh, I'm the youngest one there. Awkward much?), but hey if we all play on roughly the same skill level (as I found out today, I'm a BEGINNER), then nothing else really matters right? Still I had just as good a session as I used to have with my Sitiawan kakis. Finally a chunk of my life has been restored. ~Phew~

Anybody wanna join me? :)

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