October 31, 2014

The year of many things

I got my first job.

I left my first job, even before my probation ended.

But I dont regret that decision.

I rejoined my apprentice company at Mercedes Benz.

I lost my phone (a long wait finally ended for some).

Fell out of love. Again.

Discovered a bunch of special bros to go to in hard times.

Joined my first ever Youth Fellowship Games.

And recently in this past two months:

I experienced my first job transfer.

I experienced my first company appraisal.

At the beginning of September I was given marching orders to pack up my things in PJ and move to the Batu Caves office. That's right, Batu Caves. My new office is literally a 5 minute drive from the sacred temple cave. On the back of one of their consultants suddenly going AWOL, higher management decided the newbie would be the best replacement there.

Over in BC, I've been placed in the bodyshop/ accident insurance department. This means my job now pertains only to accident cars and insurance claims. Its a new and interesting world with so many things to learn and discover. I've been quick to settle down in my new place, although the traffic jams after work at times is.... lets say seriously uncool. At least I'm getting allowance for it.

That said, I quite like working here, or at least the honeymoon phase of it. My new manager seems to like me to. He persuaded me to stay on and even offered me a decent remuneration once 2015 rolls in and I get my first increment.

When I weighed the factors, it was quite hard for me to turn it down. And even without actually saying yes, the deal was already done.

So then, here's to a new year, a new start, renewed motivation  *kaching* and new challenges.