February 8, 2015

Bloop bloop


Its been a while since I've last written anything. Not that I have much to write anyway.

Well, there was my birthday.

Two Ryans and a Jeff took me out for Burger Lab and cakes. Their Heart Attack special was sinfully awesome and sinfully huge and sinfully cheesy. After stuffing myself on three extra fat chicken patties I then stuffed myself even more with three slices of cakes; which was brilliantly explained by the JeffeRyans as being compensation for the past two birthdays without having cakes.

I got my raise. It was a generous amount, and a whole lot more than I expected. Mainly thanks to the entire company's business performance which exceeded targets last year. My transfer to Batu Caves might have been accounted for too. I gushed when I opened that letter.

In my third month going solo in Batu Caves, I had managed to exceed my personal revenue target for January. Thanks to that my pockets will be sightly fatter hehe. Hopefully I can keep this up, provided I land enough of big repairs to generate the income needed.

Now going into the final week before Chinese New Year, things are getting tense as many customers are  rushing to get their cars back before the holidays. 

Crunch time. Very reminiscent of VW days.

Recently, I've been watching more and more of my friends and friends of being partnered up with somebody. And here I am, already 22, still mulling my single life.

Wondering what's my problem.

Wondering where am I falling short.

Wondering when that moment; that person will come.