May 28, 2016

Who would have thought

About an hour after my previous post, I got friendzoned...

Am I supposed to plant a girlfriend tree and pluck one of the fruits instead?

I'm getting quite frustrated

So I shall try to vent it out with this misused meme.

February 14, 2016

Haha You're Still Single

Valentines Day.

A day for me to watch and reflect on the world that has passed by; friends and relatives older than me already married, engaged, or at least in some stable relationship.

Those younger or about my age, and many of which, very recently, have found partners. These couples seem to be sprouting like mushrooms after rain; so sudden and in large numbers.

And then there's me. Still the same ever since I was born.

One time, I had put in genuine effort in a girl and she ended up liking somebody else (not that anything even managed to start between us).
One girl that I have liked for a while and have known for much much longer, didnt feel the chemistry.

And then there's the rest of them who:

 Look like the type I'd want to know better


 Have known for a while or fairly close, would want to try and see if something works


1) Barely reply
2) Are always busy (may go together with #1)
3) Are already eyeing someone else
4) Are already WITH someone else 
5) Gives the friend/brozone
6) Are leaving the country

This may make me look like a player by trying to get more than one girl, but then given my 0% progress rate thus far I dont think I can even be a player in the first place.
Am I missing or lacking something important?
Am I making the wrong approach?
Is life playing one big troll game with me?

Answers are needed.

General Updates

About time I'd clear my 2 months of backlogged life updates:


A very busy month hence the neglected blog. It had actually started back in September when our workshop saw a massive spike in accident claims. 

Somewhere in between we had a company training program where we got to experience some of Merc's latest high-powered AMG models:

Guess which of the three I got to drive :3

At the end of December came YDC 23, only my second youth camp since YDC 21 back in 2012. Despite the very short time frame we had to plan the camp we managed to pull it off spectacularly (albeit imperfectly).

Our A-Team :)



The same A-Team you see above gave me a belated birthday surprise in the form of a cake and a shirt that says:

I didnt become a blonde chick

Apart from that, another busy busy month especially with the Chinese New Year rush which only added to the stress


February (So far)

Ah yes, Chinese New Year.

Unfortunately not as joyous as I had hoped because some of my relatives had different plans this year, and some had to work while I enjoyed a one-week break. I left my hometown just this morning, and even after 5 years of traveling to and fro it still gets to me, especially after long stays.

Sitiawan is more than just a hometown where I grew up and went to school.
With my mum still staying there, it has become a sanctuary. In fact she is the only reason why I'd want to go back.
An escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city and all with it that clouds my brain.
A place where I can just let go and walk around shirtless in the front garden, breaking away from the vigorous working life.

Maybe its because each time I leave Sitiawan to carry on with life, it serves as a reminder that my time here is running out. The time will come I wont have anymore reasons to make the 3-4 hour drive to escape reality and seek refuge in my sanctuary. And that disturbs me still.

November 28, 2015

Staying overnight in the office

It started out as a joke when rain is pouring and the roads are clogged with cars and water; leaving office so late and commutes so long, by the time you'd reach home its already time to sleep.

My half-argument-half-joke made some good sense:

We have nice bathrooms with water sprayer-thingys.
Couches in the resting area with aircond.
WiFi access.
Nearby food shops and a Giant supermarket.

I really could live in my office if I wished. Thats how simple I really am.

My commutes this whole week kinda helped me to turn my joke into a real action, no thanks to all the evening torrential rains.  Sick and tired or spending AT LEAST one and a half hours EACH DAY in my car, yesterday I packed up my bath towel, toiletries and a change of clothes - all I needed to make it through the night.

After cleaning up my office work and chilling for a while, I headed over to Giant for some grocery shopping. After dinner and reaching back to office at about 9-ish, I took my "shower" in one of the cubicles which had the water sprayer thingys.

I'm not sure how to justify installing heaters in the toilets.

Washing up all done, I headed upstairs to the staff resting room, aircond on, draped my towel over one sofa and plopped onto another.

The next thing I knew my alarm was ringing.

Before anyone came into office I washed up again, swapped into my office wear, and kept all my stuff back in the car.

Ingenious, yet insane.

November 3, 2015

The ideal guy that wasnt

Guy meets girl.

Girl shares her concept of the ideal man.

Guy sees himself fitting it quite well.

Guy and girl get along really well.

Girl says many nice things about guy.

Guy starts liking her.

Guy gets friendzoned.

Girl says she's falling for someone else.

Better luck next time, guy.

September 28, 2015


Thats right!

Six years after my family trip to Thailand its time to cross borders again for my cousin's wedding (the groom is from SIngapore).
Me, my brother and my cousin pushed off at 9pm after he landed from Indonesia. Thanks to a clear road and some yolo attitude we reached customs in just 3 hours.

Must be all the SGians going home from work in Johor.
 We checked in to Resorts World Sentosa at 12.30. They charge for Wifi?!

Next morning we headed over to a rental house for the bride's side of the tea ceremony. It was actually inhabited by a French family. I'm not too sure why their 7-9 years old daughter decided to linger and play with her phone while the ceremony was going on. 

Was kinda too bad we couldnt have a more cheerful atmosphere since... it wasnt our house. And we're in Singapore. Not sure how other Singaporeans have their wedding ceremonies. But at least nothing went wrong.


My adorable niece ❤️‍

After the tea ceremonies we took a short trip to Marina Square 

We drove along part of the F1 circuit!

Later that night we went to Chuckwagon BBQ & Grill for the wedding dinner. I guess you dont need a grand and lavish 5-star ballroom for a wedding dinner. A dinner attended by family and the groom's friends which was served buffet style. THEIR ROASTED PORK BELLY WAS DIVINE OMG.

Set up by yours truly (tablecloth, flowers and heart sticks) hehe


After the wedding part was all done, we spent some time in Marina Bay Sands before going home. (Who wouldnt if you came here on holiday)

 We spent SGD23 to go up the Skytower and see Singapore covered in haze.

Marina Bay Sands is much like Pavilion KL; upmarket and on the luxury side. Their prices are actually proportional to ours; an RM80 shirt in Malaysia will be SGD80 over there, if only our economy and currency wasnt so screwed up.

My last view of Singapore~

We left customs at about 3.30-4.00 but thanks to some freak jams along the highway we only reached home at 9pm ughhh

Wonder what stamp will be next.

August 11, 2015

KL City GP 2015: The Videos

Rather than making you dig all the way to the bottom of the previous post, I'll just put them here!

Due to third party content detected by Youtube *glares*, embedding the video may not work, neither does watching on mobile. In which case, you can watch it here:

Kuala Lumpur City Grand Prix 2015

Greetings loved ones.

April... May.... Junejuly August.

Working life is pretty routine. Well there was TDC 17 back in June but ehh I guess I got too caught up after it to write/type a post. Make no mistake though it was a brilliant camp, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and had a wonderful time with everyone.

So now on to the main story. As you may have known, last weekend we hosted our first ever city street race event, the KL City GP. Some of the world's famous race cars took to the streets, zooming by the KL Twin Towers and flying down Jalan Ampang. So excited I was, I bought my ticket one month in advance.

Come race day on Sunday, I was already up at 5.30 from sheer eagerness (Okay actually was stomach ache after eating a bad kuih).  Got on the trusty bus and monorail and by 9am I was right at the doorsteps of the track. The day started with the Formula Masters series followed by free practice for the Australia V8 Supercars exhibition race later. The participation of two masters, Craig Lowndes and Todd Kelly really made it something special, even if there were only 5 cars.

It was a nice variety as they took 1 car from each participating manufacturer: Holden Commodore, Ford Falcon, Nissan Altima, Mercedes E-Class and Volvo S60.

After that was the Lamborghini Supertrofeo Asia Cup. Boy let me tell you, not wearing earplugs with those monsters at full speed was a painful mistake. Race was interrupted twice with safety car periods due to crashes. I wasnt at the parts of the track where it happened though.

A cameo supercar parade by the Blue Jackets featured a freaking Ford GT40!

After lunch in Pavillion (so convenient it was for part of the track to be a stones throw from their back entrance), I went back for the afternoon Aussie V8 Supercars race and the finale which was the KL City GT Cup, including a Ford GT3, Ferrari 458 GT3 and some Lamborghini Huracan Supertrofeos among others. I kinda missed quite a bit as I was scrambling to look for a place to get aerial shots of the race. Fortunately I got what I wanted, and after a full day under the city sun it was time to go home.

I didnt take many photos considering I dont have the equipment and skills to capture fast moving things, and also because I used most of my batteries recording videos. But anyway you can check out all the stuff further on down:

April 28, 2015

A Confession

I find myself sitting at my desk, 10 minutes to 7pm.

Trapped by the horrendous jam wanting to make today's commute a nightmare.

A heavy shower just ended, the dark clouds and wet ground making things all the more gloomy.

The perfect setting for my next post.

I have known C for some 7 years. We've met only twice; the last being more than 2 years ago. I keep in touch with her every week, sometimes more often, sometimes less.

For about a year, I had a soft liking for her. I wasnt deeply head over heels or I-go-crazy-without-her, but yeah I had an attraction towards her. I felt like she was my sanctuary after a long week at work; sharing my ups and downs. I felt comfortable, cozy, and happy. Not to mention, she is absolutely beautiful. Making my heart flutter and melt like butter.

I knew it wouldnt mean anything if we never met and did things together. Time and time again I kept asking her out, to no avail.

She never showed much warmth or care either, or at least to suggest that I had a chance. Nevertheless I persisted, until finally I thoguht to myself "Maybe she's just not interested in you".
It may not have been a shock or a slap in the face, but once that realisation set in, you'd be at least a little let down that your efforts didnt quite bear success.

Last Sunday night, I gathered all my courage and popped the topic to her. I mentioned it in a third person view, saying that I liked 'a girl' when that girl was in fact herself. I didnt want to be too direct and make her uneasy, but eventually she got the message.

And as I had figured, she indeed never had any interest for me. Or anyone else. Her Mr Right just hasnt come along. Surprisingly she took my confession well and wasnt disturbed by it. Maybe because she had taken the hint sometime ago I had a liking for her. After a bit more of heart-to-heart talking, we ended our conversation on a (I guess) positive note. No mess, no awkwardness, no hurt feelings.

Of course, I'd be lying if I said I wasnt dejected. Hopes have been dashed afterall. Efforts have not come to fruition. That I wasnt the Mr Right for this nice, beautiful girl.

I guess my journey will have to continue a little longer.