September 28, 2015


Thats right!

Six years after my family trip to Thailand its time to cross borders again for my cousin's wedding (the groom is from SIngapore).
Me, my brother and my cousin pushed off at 9pm after he landed from Indonesia. Thanks to a clear road and some yolo attitude we reached customs in just 3 hours.

Must be all the SGians going home from work in Johor.
 We checked in to Resorts World Sentosa at 12.30. They charge for Wifi?!

Next morning we headed over to a rental house for the bride's side of the tea ceremony. It was actually inhabited by a French family. I'm not too sure why their 7-9 years old daughter decided to linger and play with her phone while the ceremony was going on. 

Was kinda too bad we couldnt have a more cheerful atmosphere since... it wasnt our house. And we're in Singapore. Not sure how other Singaporeans have their wedding ceremonies. But at least nothing went wrong.


My adorable niece ❤️‍

After the tea ceremonies we took a short trip to Marina Square 

We drove along part of the F1 circuit!

Later that night we went to Chuckwagon BBQ & Grill for the wedding dinner. I guess you dont need a grand and lavish 5-star ballroom for a wedding dinner. A dinner attended by family and the groom's friends which was served buffet style. THEIR ROASTED PORK BELLY WAS DIVINE OMG.

Set up by yours truly (tablecloth, flowers and heart sticks) hehe


After the wedding part was all done, we spent some time in Marina Bay Sands before going home. (Who wouldnt if you came here on holiday)

 We spent SGD23 to go up the Skytower and see Singapore covered in haze.

Marina Bay Sands is much like Pavilion KL; upmarket and on the luxury side. Their prices are actually proportional to ours; an RM80 shirt in Malaysia will be SGD80 over there, if only our economy and currency wasnt so screwed up.

My last view of Singapore~

We left customs at about 3.30-4.00 but thanks to some freak jams along the highway we only reached home at 9pm ughhh

Wonder what stamp will be next.

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