November 29, 2012

Road to recovery

After several days of intense internet surfing, I finally managed to find not just a door, but an entire donor car after my accident last week. Better still, the seller also lives in Subang so it was pretty easy to check out the car.

So me and my dad went to see the donor car last Monday. Exact same model, almost everything was in good condition except: 

The bonnet that was badly dented by a tree branch, the dashboard which has ruptured after too long under the sun, leaking brake pipe and worn out spark plug cables (read, exposure to high voltage!). And lots of rust. Okay, it sounds like a lot of faults, but for RM600 and the much needed door plus instant spare parts, I cant complain. 

So the deal was made there and then, and the seller offered to deliver the car to my dad's workshop.

Here it is, waiting for transplant.

 And here's the damage

So then my dad's workers started.... working on both cars, and as it should be, the donor door is a perfect fit!

 Well, it needs some strength to close it properly but I think that can be taken care of.


And so, hopefully by some time next week, the door should be repainted and this old Datsun is ready to roll once again (and keeps rolling for a long, long time)!

November 20, 2012

My first vlog

November 16, 2012



The fundamental clothing item for men around the world, other than the shirt and undies. There's all kinds of shorts.

Plaid shorts

Floral shorts

Running shorts

Short shorts

Today, I went clothes shopping at Sunway Pyramid. *grrr* I bought shirts. Nice shirts. One from HEAD and another from Admiral. Big discounts too. I would've gone for Mizuno if the discounts were just as generous. But anyway, I couldnt find any nice shorts. Strange, the whole of Sunway Pyramid and not one pair of shorts? How could it be? What magical shorts is it that I seek but cannot be found?

 So I went on the internet....

and I've discovered something, lacking about myself. I seem to be lacking....  

a sense of fashion.

The thing is, I somehow do not have the liking for casual styles of shorts, such as this:

despite this being the kind of shorts most young guys (read: my age group) wear about, I find them... too flat, and plain. Even those with some design or pattern on them... dont appeal to me. I dont recall wearing such shorts but from the looks of the cutting I dont think I'd be comfortable in them. 

So what is it that I wear?


Cargo shorts!!!! *horror screams*

The world of fashion seems to hate these, evil, diabolical, abominations of thread and fabric. 

Too baggy.
No shape.
External pockets.
Ruining the guy's body shape
Makes guys look short/stumpy dumpy humpty derpy
Just plain Ugly
 The hate doesnt seem to stop!

But for me:

Comfy. Okay, they are loose fitting but I just like the sense of space around my legs. I'm not asking to wear bells for shorts but, yeah.

I like the pockets.  I dont like dumping everything into one pocket like a blender container. I like my items separated.

No weird funky hip urbany designs and patterns. I just dont like those. The colours of cargo pants just seem to... be my liking. I cant find a word to describe it but thats how it is.

What is a young man to do, when the shorts he likes is hated/found distasteful by pretty much the world, and the shorts he doesnt like is what pretty much all the guys are wearing?

Obviously since we're on the context of shorts, long pants are irrelevant here. I mean yeah long pants is not a fashion problem but on most days, I'm lazy to dress up that nicely. Not to mention I already wear long pants to college 5 days a week.

November 11, 2012

Oh dad.....

Last Wednesday dad checked himself into hospital because we learnt that by doing so he will be able to have RM50,000 in medical costs covered by insurance per year. Great! Our worries will be over! So we thought.

After doing an MRI scan we found his spine to be pinching on his nerve which was the cause of all his pain. So then we moved on to doing the physiotherapy. After 2 sessions my dad gave up because his pain didnt improve and he was afraid of incurring too high a hospital bill.

I mean, really? RM50,000 isnt enough? And, since when was physiotherapy so magical that after only 2 sessions your condition would already improve?

But knowing how stubborn my dad is, he wouldnt listen to me, my mum or his elder sister, and yesterday evening he checked himself out from hospital in exactly the same condition as when he came in. He also adds, "What to do, I'll just live with the pain".