November 11, 2012

Oh dad.....

Last Wednesday dad checked himself into hospital because we learnt that by doing so he will be able to have RM50,000 in medical costs covered by insurance per year. Great! Our worries will be over! So we thought.

After doing an MRI scan we found his spine to be pinching on his nerve which was the cause of all his pain. So then we moved on to doing the physiotherapy. After 2 sessions my dad gave up because his pain didnt improve and he was afraid of incurring too high a hospital bill.

I mean, really? RM50,000 isnt enough? And, since when was physiotherapy so magical that after only 2 sessions your condition would already improve?

But knowing how stubborn my dad is, he wouldnt listen to me, my mum or his elder sister, and yesterday evening he checked himself out from hospital in exactly the same condition as when he came in. He also adds, "What to do, I'll just live with the pain".


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