May 21, 2011

Truth be told.....

Yesterday's practical examination was quite the slap in the face for me. There were 5 tasks given:

Naming inside and outside body parts
Examining fire extinguishers
Measuring a camshaft journal (choose one from 6) using micrometer and referring to a given service manual
Jacking up a car (front and back) and placing jack stands
Lifting a car on a car lift

The first two were no problem. The third one was a bit unsettling because I couldnt tell which is the front and back of the camshaft, only after that it struck me to have checked the manual. The fourth one was confusing because of discrepancies about positioning of wheel stoppers when jacking the car. I followed what I was taught, what was given in our notes and what we had been doing all the while (one stopper at each wheel opposite from the end being jacked), but the invigilator said it should be both stoppers at only one wheel. The last one was a nightmare. To cut short, I made 2 mistakes which made the invigilator tell me to stop, and then point out my mistakes, and tell me to continue. 

What my lecturer told me was that if the invigilator ever says "Stop", it means I'm doing something very wrong (although I didnt think what I did was very, wrong) and will be automatically failed. Now the thoughts of having to cough up RM1000 and having to re-do the whole 3 weeks of the subject are doing "wonders" to my brain...

Then it got me thinking really long, really hard, really deep....

May 17, 2011

Some bite sized updates

Despite lacking any oomph or zest of late to inject into my blog, here's some obligatory scribblings to for you guys to read~

Well, it's been about 2 weeks since I've started college, and overall I am happy to report that so far, its been smooth. The classmates are nice, the lecturer is cool (although its hard to understand him once in a while, but overall he's still alright), and the environment here is nice. Still keeping an eye out for the rough ones around here though.

I just remembered I got my first exam coming. :O !!! 

I'm both relaxed and tensed... It feels weird =S Relaxed because the intro subjects dont seem difficult, but worried because I dont know how it will be like, or how well I'd do. It's a whole new ball game in college, so I'll tread with extra caution. Better get back to the books in the morning~

One thing I'd like to point out is that the learning system in TOC is much different than in most colleges which follow the same learning style like in school, where you learn all the subjects at once and then have an exam on all of them. School-stylelah basically. Here though, we spend 3 weeks or so to study just one subject, continuously, from start to finish. At the end of the subject, there's zee exammmm. It's not just written though, there are practical exams as well (given the nature of studying in the automotive field), but since it's not like we can practice them at home, I'm feeling kinda scared.... ><!

And not to mention I have to score at least 80% for both theory AND practical aspects of the subject to PASS, it's quite.... ngeeeeeeeeeeeee! I think I better go study... Bye!

May 7, 2011

Rest in peace

Classmate of 2 years, your life taken away in a road accident. We'll all miss you.

Kartigeyan Naidu A/L Dil Kumar

9 June 1993 - 6 May 2011


May 1, 2011


Thanks to a throbbing headache I picked up last night I had to put off my update till today. So, how was it?

Welllllllll.......... It wasn't the most exciting event in the world. I know it's that start-of-college big deal but uh... this orientation didnt have that kinda feel to it. On top of that.....

A big chunk of the intake population are punks/samsengs/Ah Bengs with dyed/shoddy hair and punk clothing (two of them even came in short pants and flip flops! Some even SMOKE!!! Sheesh!!). Just when I thought I could escape from these lower-leveled members of society, I reunite with them once again. Damn it. Even if they may be more technical, knowledgeable and skilled, I'm most certainly not impressed by their physical presentation. *crosses arms and shakes head*

Luckily however there are some decent, nice, and well-natured guys, and I've already gotten to know 3 of them; Afiq, Aziff and Kannisen. All isnt doom and gloom then. No girls though. NONE. ZERO. Nguaaaaaaaaawwwuuuuuwwwhuhuhuhuuuuuu~

The day was pretty much the formalities of talks about the course and the rules, etc etc, then we were given our clothes, books and time table, and then we went home. So much for a start to college life. But still, could've been worse~