September 9, 2014

Dear Home.

For 25 years you were our shelter, our warmth, and more recently our getaway from the bustling city life. You witnessed the growth of two little boys,  now young men out in the working world with a decent income. You may not be the biggest, most luxurious, or nicest looking, but we would always be happy to make the 3 hour drive to feel the comfort that you never failed to provide us, and which could not be felt anywhere else. After all, you're our one and only true home.

But now, the landlord would no longer let us enjoy your coziness. That's the problem with renting. Living at the mercy of somebody who can ask us to leave at anytime and there is nothing we can do about it. Your warmth and comfort will soon be at the pleasure of his son.

Back in 2010 my English SPM essay was about home. 4 years on, I dont think I'd be able to write an equally-long 350-word post about you. But that's okay, because now I only need 11 words :

Thanks for everything.

We'll miss you.

We'll never forget you.