August 11, 2015

Kuala Lumpur City Grand Prix 2015

Greetings loved ones.

April... May.... Junejuly August.

Working life is pretty routine. Well there was TDC 17 back in June but ehh I guess I got too caught up after it to write/type a post. Make no mistake though it was a brilliant camp, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and had a wonderful time with everyone.

So now on to the main story. As you may have known, last weekend we hosted our first ever city street race event, the KL City GP. Some of the world's famous race cars took to the streets, zooming by the KL Twin Towers and flying down Jalan Ampang. So excited I was, I bought my ticket one month in advance.

Come race day on Sunday, I was already up at 5.30 from sheer eagerness (Okay actually was stomach ache after eating a bad kuih).  Got on the trusty bus and monorail and by 9am I was right at the doorsteps of the track. The day started with the Formula Masters series followed by free practice for the Australia V8 Supercars exhibition race later. The participation of two masters, Craig Lowndes and Todd Kelly really made it something special, even if there were only 5 cars.

It was a nice variety as they took 1 car from each participating manufacturer: Holden Commodore, Ford Falcon, Nissan Altima, Mercedes E-Class and Volvo S60.

After that was the Lamborghini Supertrofeo Asia Cup. Boy let me tell you, not wearing earplugs with those monsters at full speed was a painful mistake. Race was interrupted twice with safety car periods due to crashes. I wasnt at the parts of the track where it happened though.

A cameo supercar parade by the Blue Jackets featured a freaking Ford GT40!

After lunch in Pavillion (so convenient it was for part of the track to be a stones throw from their back entrance), I went back for the afternoon Aussie V8 Supercars race and the finale which was the KL City GT Cup, including a Ford GT3, Ferrari 458 GT3 and some Lamborghini Huracan Supertrofeos among others. I kinda missed quite a bit as I was scrambling to look for a place to get aerial shots of the race. Fortunately I got what I wanted, and after a full day under the city sun it was time to go home.

I didnt take many photos considering I dont have the equipment and skills to capture fast moving things, and also because I used most of my batteries recording videos. But anyway you can check out all the stuff further on down:

 The red-hair girl nearly got mistaking her for Linora from Mix Fm.

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