September 9, 2011

Honk if you're proud to be Malaysian!

So this evening me and my dad were going to the MPSJ Stadium for our exercise. We came up to the traffic lights when for some reason cars started sounding their horns. I was quite puzzled since it was a red light anyway, so what's the point? Then we saw some students (probably Form 4 or Form 5) holding up a sign saying "Honk if you're proud to be Malaysian!" and walking along the divider past the line of cars as more cars went "beep beep!" and "pon pon!". 

What the heck, so I sounded my horn too, and then *cough cough* one of the girls holding the sign turned, gave a biiiiiiiiig smile and waved right at me. TEEHEEEE. There was a guy recording their little campaign too, so perhaps it'll be on Youtube sometime in the future.