September 2, 2011

2 weeks already? o__O

Aw man, it was just last Friday I left for balik kampung and like that, *POOF* it became Koko Krunch!! I'm already back in my apartment. Time flies so fast these days... T_T

Well it was a thoroughly rotting relaxing time at home, lazing on the couch and crashing on the bed after a bit over 2 months. The rainy season meant mostly nice cool weather throughout. Aaaahhh Sitiawan I missed you so~

Finally after over a month I got to play badminton again, although managed only one outing during my stay. Haih. Seriously cant wait to play more games again and de-rust myself... Speaking of badminton, I got my shoes mended for a mere RM6, which includes stitching all around both soles.

Maaaaaaaaaybe it's not the most beautiful of fixes but they should hold on for a good half a year, perhaps more hopefully.

And speaking of breaking-apart shoes, here's my pair of sports shoes:

This was a while back, but since we're on topic.....

Oh well.

I'm already starting to miss the good, cheap food at home. I had a frickin RM5 plate of konlou mee (or mi kicap) with nothing but a palm-sized amount of noodles and some char siew. Its not that it tastes bad, but the price instantly reminded me about the better-tasting-yet-much-cheaper claypot/curry/prawn mee/etc I had over the past week.

And here I am, counting down the last 3 days of college break before it's back to the old grind. *sighs*

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