August 29, 2011

Facebook = Take-away-all-my-privacy book

I bet all you Face Failbook users by now have realised that they've introduced a brand new 'Ticker' feature at the right side of your home page.

What this does is list/announce/reveal/publish/bocorkan every single comment, post and like on every single photo, status and whatever shit. What makes it worse is that it is not only limited to within your circle of contacts. 

So lets say I'm friends with Ah Chong, and he is friends with Ah Kit, but I am not friends with Ah Kit.

Every single comment, post and like by Ah Chong on any of Ah Kit's photos, statuses or wall will now appear in YOUR ticker.

So now in short, anything and everything you do will now be publish for all to see.

This idea is so full of fcukfail, I simply cannot write anything that displays my disgust for what is going on with Facebook. I thought the new chat bar is a rotten enough feature, but whoaaa get a load of this new Ticker. 

I am genuinely considering moving out of Facebook. Such infringement of privacy is beyond what I can tolerate. Google+? Twitter? Friendster? Choices choices.....

*Update!* It seems the Ticker's be taken off now. Jolly good thing they did.

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