August 25, 2011

Cuti-cuti bang bang

Woot woot 2 weeks holiday woot woot cant wait for badminton with my kaki lang woot woot cant wait to taste Sitiawan's good AND CHEAP food once again woot woot

Well actually it's been 5 (wtf FIVE already??) days since my holidays started (nevermind, still got over a week left xD), but I've been able to keep myself un-bored until today when I wasted spent wasted an hour or so walking aimlessly around The Summit USJ. But the highlight of my holidays so far was my return to Naza World and Naza Italia. This time around I was accompanied by my good online buddy Imran (who stays super near to Naza World) and we spent a good 2 hours walking around, looking and taking photos of the cars there. One thing that really ticked me off is that Naza World blocked off the exotics showroom area to visitors. I seriously could not understand the logic behind such a thing. Why call it a showroom if you dont let visitors near the cars?

So, thanks to this nonsensical rule, there are no close ups of the Aston Martin DBS, Porsche 911 GT3 RS, or Audi R8 V10 on display there. But to compensate, there are some other nice cars (and even some videos) which you can see further on down. Also, you can check out my previous visit to Naza World here and also here.

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