August 11, 2011

New updates are available for this blog~

Yehhh I know it's been almost 1 solid month since I last blogged... Couldnt really find much to write about these days. =/

So... after some much needed adjusting to college life and no longer overly thinking about all the rubbish before this, I suppose I've managed to properly settle down here in Subang. 

College life seems to have stabilized I guess, after passing 4 exams already. But still I wont let slack even a little bit; there's a very strong reminder telling me not to do so. Still having to wake up at 6.30 in the morning is still quite the a**e thing for college life though.

Remember when I said I found this group of badminton players that play on Sundays near my place? Well for some unknown reason that session is temporarily unavailable... haih~ But how come their sessions suddenly stopped just when I joined in? Face problem? ><"

My friends gave me some tips about looking for a Buddhist association for my social life-upgrading, and just so happens I found the Subang Jaya Buddhist Youth Association which is near Taylors Subang in SS15. But looking at the website and seeing how extremely out of date it is, I wonder whats the status of the association now... Should go have a walk in during my upcoming sem break soon...

In light of the many expensive exotic and sports cars I've seen running around KL, I'm considering hauling my Spotted™ photos over to my blog and perhaps share some basic information about them (or it can also be because I want to syok sendiri :P).

I've begun to notice I'm having a sharp rise in short-term memory loss... The cases so far involved placing something, somewhere, and then quickly forgetting about said something. Some of the time I manage to remember to retrive them before it's too late, and other times not quite. Once I left my notes in the library before going back, luckily the staff kept it and returned it the next day. Is my brain really beginning to rot? o.<

*End of updates*

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