August 14, 2011

Free electricity

So I went to check my mailbox yesterday morning and I saw an enclosed envelope from TNB (I think the rest of you should be getting yours about now). Interesting, I thought that now they mail your bills to you. But what's more interesting was the bill itself:

My first thought was "omgwtfbbq FREE ELECTRICITY! XD", but after some online searching it turns out the government will cover all electric bills worth RM20 or less, and apparently this has been in effect for a few years already. o_O

But looking back at the bill again, sharing the apartment with my brother, how did the bill reach such a ridiculously low level? Our past two bills were RM22 and RM24, and also our daily electric usage wasnt abnormally low. Meter rosak? Hmm......

1 comment:

  1. maybe they came early to read the meter? OAO?