January 27, 2010


its a very ironic thing. I kept telling myself since last year I cant be bothered to join badminton MSSD because:

1) I've never qualified anyway
2) Singles only, not my strong point.

So today was the selection for this year's MSSD competition, I'd thought "Blerh, I wont make it in like the past 4 years, biarkan lah". But I came anyways because I had tuition until 4, while the selection was 3-5. I figured just drop by and help out with anything. Then Pn Apisza (badminton club teacher) was there, she asked me if I wanted to just try. The selection goes tournament style, you loose you dont get to wakil, if you can reach semi-finals (aka top 4), then will get to be on the school team. At first I said dont want, no point oso, then after a bit of thinking, considering I was already in badminton attire and with my racket... "ala, just cuba lah. tak dapat lantak lah. dapat then I happy lah".

So my opponent was this small little boy, looks like form 3. seriously overweight. SERIOUSLY. so then we played. and I lost. My fault really. I thought shuttle go out, landed in so many times. After tied at 6-6 (out of 11 points), all my hits pulak terbang keluar. "Aiyo, small overweight boy oso you can lose ah....", "Haiyo, you play like girl is it....", "ala, apa la lu...." I know lots of you will be thinking like this. I'm Form 5, played badminton for almost 10 years, with a flashy branded racket and flashy branded shoes, and I lose to this little fella. I asked for it I guess.

Now if you would excuse me......

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