December 31, 2009

The End of a Decade

A lot has changed in these 10 years... Phones didnt have colour screens, Facebook wasnt created, I never touched my veggies, I only had a fraction of friends compared to today, Lady Gaga was still in school, and a whole lot of other things... 10 years is a whole lot of time for lots of stuff to happen. Good stuff, bad stuff, controversies, historical and record breaking feats. There's so many of them. Here are just a teeny few picks...

 Usain Bolt breaks the 100M sprint record, twice.

Datuk Lee Chong Wei, Malaysia's first silver medalist in Olympics Badminton

Wikipedia was made

 Michael Joseph Jackson passed away June 25th

 Malaysia's first astronaut, Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor 


Michael Schumacher wins a record 7 Formula 1 Driver's Championships

Third generation gaming consoles Nintendo Wii, Playstation and Xbox 360 released

It's just 4 hours 20 minutes away. It's been a roller coaster ride of a year for me (dont get me started on the decade). New friendships, new enemy (stressing only ONE person, *hint hint 4sc2*) a fair share of scandals and controversies, one of which I was on the receiving end (ouch), reaching new highs, hitting new lows, elations and heartbreaks, you name, it I've had it this 2009. But lets not look back on the bitter but savour the sweet, dont be afraid of what's ahead but be confident of overcoming them (SPM!!!! AIIIIYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Closing off Life in The Fast Lane for 2009, Happy New Year (and Decade) everyone!!!

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