December 29, 2009

I Should Learn to Take More Photos....

A big shout-out to Chuah for successfully organising his first major outing with us, Hou Zhen, Fatin, mua, Miss Hidayah (our English teacher, damn sporting wei can join us) and her fiance. For that, I say....


Wokay, firstly we went bowling; Me, Chuah and Hou Zhen vs. Miss Hidayah, her fiance (his nickname on the screen was Aiye). We played 2 rounds, we won the first (our combined 274 beat their 170-180 something), but we lost the second reealllly badly (162 vs 290-300 something.. OUCH). I bowled 92 in my first game (YAY PERSONAL BEST!) but only 43 in the second (yay personal worst.. buhuhuhuhuu). I noticed something cute about my scores in both games....

7-7-7 (and HZ's 0-0-6-0-0-6)

P.S Houey, when you look at it, your score is actually 0-6-10 (spare)-6, so its not too bad oso la yea? =)

 and 1-0-0-0-1 (nguaaaaaaa T.T)

Ahh... we had barrels of fun anyways.Then we went for lunch at Miss-U-Cafe. 6 of us crammed in Aiye's Satria and surprisingly we all could fit inside! Listen people! Dont buy Hondas or BMWs! Get a Satria and carpool!!! So then we arrived and ordered our food. Nasi lemak for RM7?!?!?! *faint* Even fried rice was nearing 5-6 ringgit. Other foods and drinks seem reasonable lor. Quite a number of dishes containing cheese. Cheesey chicken chop, fried rice with cheese, cheese here there everywhere. Later we thought of go-karting, but then the place wasnt open yet, so we went allllllllllll the way to Lumut, turn around, stopped by the mangrove swamp for 1-1.5 hours. Lots of monkeys were at the entrance because of the people selling snacks.

This fella was rocking the whole box trying to get something to eat or drink from the man. Just near the entrance, we saw one monkey climb up a tree, run along the branches, and straightaway "did it" with another monkey, right there for public viewing. O.O We walked around... and went walking on the little hanging canopy they put up. (Hey chuah, can you send me the photo you took?). Saw some crabs, lots of rubbish (tsk tsk tsk), and some planks on the walkway were broken... o.O

Then we went back to the go kart circuit and happily, they were open! *everyone cheers* Paid rm10 per person for 7 laps (quite short actually), or we could choose to pay rm20 for 10 minutes and all the driving we want. Miss Hidayah went really slow because she was afraid she would crash... Hou zhen was the very opposite, since he went karting before he had the experience and was waaay out in front, I was in 2nd with Chuah further back in 3rd. Not too bad for a first timer. =] Although it's not fun to be frank like what a lot of my other friends had hyped about. Dont get me wrong, it's a great way to spend time with your buddies like bowling, but it doesnt make me scream "WAAAAAHOOO JOLLY GOSH THIS IS FUN IDONTWANTITTOSTOP YEEEHAWWW!!!!" Maybe the thrill will come if I can get enough practice and have a proper race with Houey *grins*.

All in all, a great time in the dying days of 2009. Will be having my undang test tomorrow (wish me luck!) and badminton in the afternoon with my mates who came back from MRSM. Adieu~

BTW, have you noticed why my title says "I should learn to take more photos"? Yeeeeaahhh..........


  1. finally! ya'll betting out somewhere instead of always just houey chasing after me and kiaos...
    good that ya'll had fun...

  2. ahahaha yea it was a nice day indeed~