December 16, 2009

Running in the IOI Mall with jeans

December 16, 1.35 a.m.
The internet's down, the very moment i thought I could reblog again. But never mind, while I wait to get sleepy I think I'll have a recap of my 9-day guarding duty of my relatives' house while they are away on vacation. For those who know where they went, no need to shout it out here k. I'm not the one on holiday, besides I already had my Melaka trip with my family (kinda lazy to put them up here. They're on my FB profile though.)

Dec 12. Eeeeyah, you might have noticed that's the same day I made my previous entry. I was just plain bored I guess. Anyways, its the day we set off for our relative's house in Kajang (you seriously need to try out the Sate Kajang). *Going off topic* In dad's little old black Datsun. It's quite the tough old bird, its already 30 years old and still surprisingly working fine, if you can omit the hot and slightly uncomfortable interior. I used to hate this thing when dad fetched me from school in the hot afternoon. When I'm already worn out from 'working'. When I'm all sweaty. Even on the way back after our Melaka trip, and on the way here in Kajang I rolled up my sleeves because my side of the air con wasn't working at all. The chair fabric isn't really that comfy either. However, I give it maximum respect for being able to drive just fine around KL and on the long trips home. *Back on topic* About an hour into the journey, we had a puncture. Well, not really a puncture, neither  me nor mum could see any puncture marks on the tire. But I discovered a slight gash that went all the way around the tire wall. Thankfully it wasn't a high speed blow out. After changing to the spare we searched the next town (Hutan Melintang) for a tire shop after Bro told me the spare one a had a slow leak too. Once settled, we had a safe trip all the way. Spotted a black Porsche 911 Turbo on the highway. Didnt catch a pic of it though... But here's what one looks like:

*Internet's back*

Dec 13- Got acquainted with my cousin's PS3 and Apple Macbook, my in-the-house friends for the next 8 1/2 or so days. PS3's cool. DAMN cool. Macbook's a bit tricky to use since its a completely different OS from Windows. Cant grip some of the keyboard controls and navigating the lappy well, but for simple internet use Im doing fine. Typing's kinda hard with these big bulky hands on a small keypad. And I keep missing the A key and pressing caps lock instead. tricky tricky tricky...

Dec 14- Nothing much today. Had a power cut late in the evening. i got scared half to death by kau foo's massaging chair. While I was lulling away waiting for the power to come back, the control panel suddenly lights up wtih a beep and the rollers for your back gave one big thump. Leapt out of the chair thinkg "WTF?!?!" until the lights came on and I realised the elecric came back.

Dec 15- Got to meet Gwen and another friend of hers, Josephine at the IOI mall. Its quite a series of coincidences. My dad's workshop is in Puchong. She stays in Puchong. IOI mall is in Puchong. Kajang isnt far from Puchong. My dad decided to bunk in here for a few days while the Wira is undergoing repairs so he can drop it off here when it's done for me and mum to go home. While he stayed here a few days, he still goes to work, in Puchong, and I could just tumpang in his car on the way. If any one of these werent coinciding, like say my dad didnt decide to stay here, or he doesnt work in Puchong, or she stays somewhere nearing the Negeri Sembilan border, I  wouldnt have met them. We played bowling, had lunch, walked around a lil bit while I looked for CNY clothes and had some chit chat together. Come 2pm they went back, although I was a bit berat hati because they had to leave earlier than planned. But nonetheless it was a great pleasure to meet them.

Meeting an online friend for the first time in person has always been a special thing for me, because I would only see them sign in on MSN/ Windows Live Messenger, chat online, do some whatever Facebook thing, and thats about it. Chances of me actually meeting them, having them stand right in front of me, actually talking using our voices and not our fingers, is almost next to none. The thought and feeling that, "Gosh, just clicking the Add as Friend Button has come to us actually meeting", is something I've only experienced 3 times before. But Gwen's the first friend so far I've met who's from outside Sitiawan. That's something extra special. Each and every online friend that I get to meet will always be memorable, and so was this one, because these chances come few and far in between. Who would've thought that one year after some girl randomly found me on a badminton group on Friendster, I would be playing bowling with her and her schoolmate. The world is just awesome. Imran, Bob, Tharini, you 3 are next on my wanted list.

Aaaaanyways, then I continued looking for clothes. The hard part came looking for jeans. I've never owned a pair, so I figured why not try one for CNY next year. I usually wear slacks and cargo pants fyi. I never knew jeans had so many different cuts, straight cuts and bell bottoms and something carrot. No wonder so many of the jeans wouldnt fit. Finally thanks to the young man (Jeez I forgot to ask his name) at KK Jeans (1st floor, just outside Jusco), he found me a suitable, affordable pair of straight cut jeans. I didnt know jeans fabric was so thick, and some were ridiculously heavy, but the one I got was okay.

I was supposed to be finished at 4, but I only found my jeans at 3.45, plus 15 minutes for the man to cut them to length. I figured I could go search for a shirt just in time, but in the end I was 10 minutes late. o.O Luckily dad didnt mind extending his time a little, but after rushing out with my new shirt and quickly claiming my jeans I ran alllll the way from the shop, out of IOI to the bus stand where dad picked me up and here I am. And just in time too because the traffic was getting heavy and before I could change back my clothes, a thunderstorm came by. ~Phew~

Will be updating this weekend when *very very very hopefully* I get to go with dad and bro to Naza World!!!!!!! (Its a supercar showroom) 16th Dec, 4.30am. Signing out.


  1. lols? which nice shop cuts jeans to fit every customer?
    or did you ask for it...

  2. cut to length only lor, bcos the size that can fit me is too long, so he say can cut shorter. but definitely its not custom making the whole entire pair to fit...