December 12, 2009

Ooookay, things arent so fast around here....

Well.. its the holidays... barely any activities going on.... the most being just badminton-ing with friends, and studying the driving theory stuff for my license next year... My blog's kinda dull now aint it? Maybe because Im not a random kinda blogger... not like maybe say Shuwen. Yeah, she can blog about anything under the sky.... Example; Spongebob, her dog, Spongebob, some stuff in school, spongebob, ranting, korean/taiwan artists, and spongebob. Or I think i saw on facebook it's Fairly Oddparents now.... That's why her blog has so many visitors and is already quite popular (that's what I think). I wonder how some people can blog so randomly about absolutely anything... I'm not a random blogger... infact there isnt much randomness for me to blog about... or maybe it's just because I rarely get the mood or urge to blog about something.... I could blog about how much I love my phone for example. thats random. but that's also kinda show-offy and boasty. Not exactly a nice impression to leave on anyone who reads it... I blog about major things like big events or uncontrollable feelings, but thats about it I guess.

I probably COULD randomly blog stuff, just to keep my blog fresh, not like now, dusty and cobwebby (cough cough). Maybe I should widen my scope of bloggable things around me.. because since i was small mum taught me not to be bothered about small unimportant little things. I guess that's already hardwired into my system.

Whaddya think fellas? more random blogging?


  1. Oi! Be happy u hav so many visitors coming to ur blog, ok? Me? ME!!???

  2. i cakap apples you cakap oranges.... hahahaha.... but still i think quite dull leh... compare mine to shuwen's blog... xD