March 4, 2012

Re-establishing my social life

You may be wondering, "what does he mean by that? Was he in exile or meditating at the top of Gunung Kinabalu or in some jungle cave?". Well I'm not sure if I have mentioned this previously (but in private yes), but honestly my college is a drab and dull place in social terms. There isnt any games days or extra activities out of class. Its just class in, class out. Yeah sure I have friends here but, to put it nicely, they're not really my kind of people, not the kind I'd like to mix and mingle around with. Of course we are fine and on talking terms but that's pretty much it. Except maybe 3-4 of them (and our lecturers) that I get along with better and chat with, yeah those few blokes are cool. But in general, nuh uh.

So then I started joining Subang Jaya's Buddhist Association late last year and while there was a brief pause in their activities, this year has kicked off well and I've been making more friends ever since, in part because I get to be my normal social self again around people who suits me (this sounds selfish doesnt it) and my style of socialising. It kind of feels like finding back an old part of me that dropped off somewhere along the transition from small-town-school to big-city-college life and also discovering a place, a community where I feel I can fit in, be comfortable and be happy.

On the subject, today was SJBA's fun fair day! So yeah, a day full of fun and games for the families that came. But this fair isnt like most; in that the proceeds from this fair will all go to underprivileged families. They're even having a donation drive that started today, and even I contributed some instant noodles to them. So YOU,

 to make a difference to these families now! Follow the link above for more!

So anyway, I had my enjoyment today, and upon my realisations and reflections as I type this, I look forward to continuously be closer to the SJBA family with the great people that I keep meeting here each time.

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