February 28, 2012

First two days of job training

Yesterday was the start of my job training with Kia (not telling which service center), and nearly did I get off to a bad first day when my car had trouble starting! I tried starting it for maybe 1-2 minutes (when you shouldn't need more than 10 seconds) until it finally coughed into life and I rushed to work. Thankfully I was right on the dot of reporting in. So this workshop here, I'll be working with the senior technician (who will be assessing me throughout my 4 months) and 2 other guys (and all of them together, I will refer to as, "the guys" in the future of this blog). Mind you all of my work here will be guided so there is no I-did-it-all-by-myself work, or unless one day they think I can go on my own.

Yesterday I had the task of checking an overheating Kancil. We then (Warning: car language) found that the radiator fan had broken off from the motor. So now we wait for the new fan assembly to come in before we send the Kancil back. Later in the day we did an interval service on a Kia Sportage, changing gear oil and differential oil. Free time was spent helping with some small stuff and watching the guys take out the engine from a Naza Suria.

Today was slightly more interesting. I started with dismantling the Suria's engine; not overhauling, just removing all the attached parts from the engine i.e alternator, manifold, etc. Another techny did all the overhauling work with the engine's internal parts. Then I experienced checking for a bad wheel bearing on a Kia Spectra (one is hearing noise, the other is feeling the suspension for vibration when the wheel is rotated), and watched them dismantle the front wheel assembly. I also helped cleaning the rear brakes of a Naza Ria, and finally helped with the servicing of a Kia Forte (change engine oil + filter, change spark plug, check lights for operation). 

One interesting side story is a Honda Civic with repeated overheating problems. The guys have overhauled (which btw, is taking apart the whole engine, cleaning and repairing) it once but the problem wasnt solved. When I started work yesterday they had overhauled it a second time. Today they tested the engine but something still isnt right. I have asked my dad for his opinions, lets see what the guys think about them.

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