February 22, 2012

Good, Bad, Annoying


I passed my college trade test!! *YaAAyyYYAaaaYyY*

"What's a trade test?"

A trade can be defined as a profession or field of work requiring a certain skill(s) such as electrics, manufacturing, and like me, automotive. So a trade test is basically an exam to test how good are your trade skills, which means we do more than sitting in a nice air cond hall with fluffy cushion chairs and cloth-covered tables. Oh no, we have (the more vital) practical exams to gauge our hands-on capabilities which is the core to having a job in these types of work areas.

So with mine done with I can now carry on with my on job training, which then brings me to....


I bet you were expecting bad news.

Initially I was given a training placement with Nasim Auto (aka Peugeot) in Shah Alam. Pretty good, I thought, since Nasim Auto is THE authorised dealer for Peugeots in Malaysia. When I went for the briefing I found out my training venue had changed because they aren't currently accepting students. A quick check showed I was being placed at Honda, also in Shah Alam. Again; I was satisfied since this is also an authorised service center. The annoyance came this afternoon when the college called to inform me they were ALSO not taking in students for training. WHAT?!? So now I still await for a confirmed workshop to go to.


Since I came to Subang in May last year I've fallen sick (when I say sick I only refer to a cold+cough) 4-5 times. I have never gotten sick this often in my whole life! After looking on the internet my main suspicion that my body's immune system is weak has been proven false. Possible suggestions include being exposed to different viruses which my body has not recognised (there are around 200 viruses that cause a cold), so the body has to fight of these new ones which are making me sick (literally, not figuratively). Damn, Subang is full of cold viruses!


It's not THAT bad yet but I can sense it will get worse over time. The 'Q' and 'W' keys on my keyboard are starting to spoil because they dont respond every time I press them. It is sort of annoying but if it gets bad enough I'll need a new keyboard. Maybe I'll just get those USB plug-in types.

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