May 1, 2010

Drowsiness > Determination

I must be having some sort of biological problem. And I think I have to blame dad for that (in a joking manner~).

Exams are coming near. Yeup, we should be burying our heads in those Sejarah, Biology and Accounts books right? Well yeah I'm doing that too- but because I'm sleeping on them. I dont know what my problem is, but whenever I start my studying session I feel so energized, so fresh, and so able to focus on what I'm reading; and yet barely an hour in I already get reeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaallllyyy sleepy.

Yeah like Mr Hippo there. Okay, so I try fighting the urge to sleep, and I keep reading. With each passing page, my eyes get heavier...... and heavier.... and heavier..... until eventually

I get KOed like the dude above, minus the cup of tea. And my sleep isnt for 10-20 minutes okay, I'll be out stone cold for an hour at least. And when I wake up and realise I've wasted precious time sleeping on the job (pun intended), it can either go two ways, but eventually end up with one conclusion:

1) I start reading again, only to fall asleep again. For another hour or so.
2) My body is SO unwilling to move, I just plop my head down and continue sleeping. For another hour or so.

It's not that I WANT to sleep, it's that my body CANT RESIST sleeping, even when my mind keeps saying "Stay awake you blardy *)(@*&)@$&@+*^@#&$@*!!# ". What to do what to doooo.......

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