February 26, 2010

My new favourite car

My blog's kinda dusty, I think this random post should sweep a bit of the dust aside.

Back when I was a little boy, I saw this (forgotten where, maybe from a magazine or in a video game):

1997 Dodge Viper GTS from America. The first time I heard this name, and saw this beauty, my little kid eyes just opened up wide and I went "whooaaaaah.....". I was just utterly mesmerized. I really can't resist this retro muscle car's sleek design especially the front. It was love at first sight. Then as the years passed, the Viper evolved to today's Viper SRT10.


which then spawned the extreme Viper ACR-X

However, it wasnt until 2 years ago when I first heard it on Youtube. You can hear one example here. That's when I slowly started to lose interest because for me, a car's sound is one of the main aspects in choosing a favourite, and frankly the Viper doesnt have that muscular growl or roar I was hoping for. And then, last year, this big fella came along:

The Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-SV. The last (and most extreme) version of Murcies to roll off the Sant' Agata Bolognese factory in Italy. A new replacement is due somewhere next year or maybe in 2012 (Dont you dare start on the End of The World bullshit). It's got menacing looks, a monstrous V12 producing 661HP or 670PS (as the name implies), and best of all, a glorious engine note. Hear it here going around Silverstone Circuit and a very similar sounding LP640. It checks all the boxes in the desirability section. Not to mention it's one that will definitely make you scream like a chimpanzee no matter if you're the driver or the over-excited passenger when driven to the limit. That is a really really big bonus. There may be many other cars that are great and awesome, but only this Murcielago can mesmerize me and make my eyes open wide and go "whoaaaaahh....." like I did when I was small.... and then some. Move over Viper.

And for a little bit of knowledge,

1 horsepower (hp) = 746 W (we've learned watts before, no?).
661HP = 493,106W


  1. dot dot dottity dots...
    couldn't understand a word of car-language, i'm afraid...
    sorry~ =P

  2. not that i ever expected you to..... =P