March 12, 2010


I've discovered one thing about myself, I absolutely hate it when I put in so much effort and yet nobody cares, notices, or appreciates it. Am I living in a society of teens that dont really give a rat's ass of how much work people put in for the benefits of others? This upcoming BSMM camp is where I'm starting from. Sooooo susah payah I've been telling members about our camp, and announcing it so many freaking times through the PA system.... and then came the entry forms... we printed 100 of these, and all 100 were taken... "wow, what great response" I thought..... and our notice board.... so susah we redecorated it, and i put up the details of our camp..... and what do i get?

1) My own ajk "didnt know we have a camp". I mean WHAT THE FARK?! So many times I had made announcements, and you tell me YOU DIDNT KNOW?! YOU ARE AN AJK FOR GOODNESS SAKE, HOW COULD NOT BE ALERT ABOUT YOUR OWN SOCIETY? And not only that, every time I have a meeting and make announcements 2 or 3 times a week, members STILL ask me "eh, got meeting ah? eh, what time ah?" When I ask them why dont they hear the announcement, they say "class very noisy la". YOU GOT LEGS RIGHT??? SHIFT YOUR FREAKING ASS OUTSIDE WHERE IT'S NOT NOISY AND LISTEN LA!!!!!!

2) The entry forms. 100 taken. How many returned? 50. HALF! HALF!!!!!! Then why bother taking in the first place if you dont go?! There might be others who really wanted to go but cant because all the forms were taken (which also implies registration is full). But then you dont bother to AT LEAST RETURN THEM AND SAY YOU DONT WANT TO GO?! WHAT IS THIS?!

3) Notice board... Why is it there? For announcements right? So logically members will go there to check for updates of meetings and what not right? WRONG!!! THEY DONT BOTHER!!!! People ask me "eh what time's the meeting ah?" or "eh where's the meeting ah?" CHECK THE F---ING NOTICE BOARD LA!!!! WHY DO YOU THINK WE PUT IT UP THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE?!?! And for the camp, I put up the details of our camp there, especially things to bring for the camp, people still ask me "eh, what to bring for camp ah?" WHAT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????!!!!!??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, if this is what I get after putting in effort for BSMM, I might as well put no effort, bersikap lepas tangan and just randomly pick the new AJKs; especially considering the newer generations of BSMM members are nothing like 4-5 years ago, or back to my brother's time; strict, tough, dedicated. Now everything's the opposite; soft, pampered, and having a meh-attitude (save a few who are responsible and active, and also my current AJKs who are doing a fine job). And with only 50 members (including 17 AJKs) coming for the camp, it's quite clear that unless the new AJKs have something godly in them, BSMM will be reduced to nothing.

More so, BSMM is what I feel in general the most noble of the uniform bodies in the school's co-curricular system. Our main priority is learning first aid, learning to save lives. Marching is just some obligation from *ahem*. Whenever there's a major event, the organisers come to us for our emergency services, because we are the ones they trust the most in case of any serious injury. Is it scouts? or Boys Brigade? or KRS? Or Girls Guide? No. Its US. BULAN SABIT MERAH MALAYSIA. And all our services are F.R.E.E. 0 Ringgit, 0 Dollars, 0 Yen, 0 Rupees, 0 Pound Sterlings. Your trust in us to do our duties is all we need. Beyond that, there are so many aspects of first aid service we learn that other uniform bodies dont. This knowledge can be the difference between life and death. And best of all, this knowledge can be applied anywhere, anytime, by anybody, as long as they know how to do it. Sadly though, members now dont join BSMM because of this great cause, they just join because they want the easy life.

I stepped in with the ambition to recover this society. My AJKs and I have made so much effort to reshape BSMM for the better; fixed the financial accounts, reorganised our stock records, reshuffling our meeting timetable to meet the whines demands of members and most importantly put in much tighter rules and having the last in a dying breed of strict AJKs to put back some discipline into BSMM. Through stories from my seniors (who also knew my brother), I got to know of how ACS PBSM used to be so full of quality, having inspirational and dutiful AJKs and aspirational members that actually HAD the dream of becoming an AJK to don the dashing all-white uniforms and be a leader to the members. Now members just complain that their legs ache and they've been marching under the sun "for so long". Back then, there was barely such a thing as members complaining and making a fuss. What has happened to the glory days of PBSM?

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