March 18, 2010

BSMM Camp 2010

My last camp for BSMM..... But I'm not sure how to put it in a way that would be interesting to read...

14 March

We start gathering at 7.30, the turn up rather small compared to previous years; 50 something in total. We were supposed to start at 8, but the teacher holding the key for the classrooms came 30 mins late.... tsk tsk tsk. After we opened up the classes and arranged the groups, we got underway with the cooking. We cooked our own noodles with sausages, chicken, fishballs and eggs. We could call it Mi Sup BSMM. =P Ironically we AJKs were the last to finish cooking compared to the members. xD But still, our lunch was satisfying, and the samples of meals from the members werent too shabby either. After lunch we had Fear Factor, but not in the sense we make them eat bugs or anything like we used to see on the TV show. Just some simple, safe challenges that would make them squirmish. The best one was wiping melted chocolate on their hands while they faced the wall, so they couldnt tell what it was. Lots of girls were squealing in disgust only to find out they could actually eat it... nyeheheheh....

Later in the evening we had a short ceramah (yawn, I know) on first aid by Mr Shanmugam, our BSMM district officer. At night, we had our first barbecue in 4 years (but my first). We had chicken wings, sausages, fishballs, crabsticks and some leftovers from lunch. Demand was so freakishly high at first we couldnt wait long enough to cook the food properly... Myself I had to wait till 10.45 to finally have my dinner. It was hot, it was sweaty, but under the bright lights set up by the scouts, it was truly a genuine barbecue experience.

15 March

Started the day with morning exercise by Naren, Chin Siang and myself. Then we had our customary Chicken Dance... I remember my first camp in 2008 they already had this song, I was thinking "What the hell, I aint gonna dance to that", but now, I'm gonna miss it. Then came marching practice, while me and Krishna were cleaning up the barbecue site. After lunch we spent a little while for the groups to create a logo for themselves, followed by telematch. Me, I didnt take part, I went around taking pics instead. Poor Chuah terlecet-ed his foot, shredding off the hard skin, but luckily not the soft skin and flesh underneath
At night, we had our first ever campfire. *punches air in victory* and Malam Imaginasi, a small twist on the old Malam Kebudayaan where members were given totally unrelated points, and they have to link them together to form a sketch. Most of them came out quite well, although short. But definitely much better than last year because they didnt know how to make a sketch from the one topic they were given. Since we gave them the points, their work was much easier, Doing it around the open campfire was a new, and most memorable experience. After that we played a short game of "duck duck bang", kinda hard to explain by typing, but lets just say I lost, and did a tribal dance to the tune of Discovery Channel's "Boom De Yada" song. x)

16 March

Simple first aid and marching test... Then... err.... we cleaned up the place, had one last gathering to give away the prizes, took our group photo, and that's it I guess...

The special thing about this camp wasnt what went on during it, but the "journey" we AJKs went through to put it together. There was so much uncertainty whether this camp would see the light of day because of  complications with *ahem ahem*, then there was Chinese New Year taking away 1 week of preparation, our school tests, sports day, other co-curricular stuff in those 2 weeks leading up to the camp. In reality it only felt like a few days since we were so busy. But nonetheless, we've pulled through and gave them a camp unlike any other in the past.

I wont upload that many photos, you can check the video for most of them.

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