March 22, 2010


How would you usually wake up from sleep? It would either be:

Your own biological clock telling you to wake up

Your alarm clock

Your parents shaking you up because you're late for school

Your annoying brother/sister/cousin/grandmother/grandfather/uncle/aunt/friend/uncle's-sister's-son's-third wife's- dead mistress disturbing you for fun or for some other reason you deem stupid

Right? Let me ask, when was the last time, or have you EVER, been awaken by one of these:

That's right. Cockroaches. The small, smelly, scary, itch-inducing, f-ugly things that can survive these

but never survive these

So what happened? I was sleeping ever so syok-ly, and then I felt this tingling sensation on my neck. Thinking it was just some mosquito, with one swift move of my left hand it went *SWOP*, and just a split second after my brain was telling me "OH F*CK THIS IS TOO BIG TO BE A MOSQUITO" and soon followed by another *SWOP* away as I brushed it off. I turned on the lights, sure enough it was this brown abomination scurrying around on the floor. I rushed downstairs to wash my neck, took my trusty can of Moooooorteeeiiinn

and when I went back up, it was gone. *Poof*. Vanished.

No not that Vanish...... *Tag Chuah for Lamology*

Why do we have cockraoches for anyway? What purpose do they serve to us? Yea sure they can survive a nuclear blast but apart from that, apa gunanya mereka di muka bumi ini?!?!?!?! Do they help the police?

I dont think so.... Do they help pollinate flowers?

I dont think so either.... Do they help with work in the office?

I'd like to wonder how....

Seriously, if I had one wish right now, I'd wish for every single cockroach, no matter male, female, boy, girl, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, whateversexual, young, old, disabled, mentally challenged, mutated, live, dead, even right down to every nest, every egg, and every cockroach sperm and ovum (Whatever it is, im not into biology) to just die (DIE DIE DIEEEEEE!!!!!!!) off and vanish from this planet. Sheeeesh! Useless pests!

PS I know my photo editing skills are below noob level, so just keep quiet on that okay?

PS.S This is the second time I've been sleep-roached (having sleep interrupted by a cockroach), and I jolly well wont be happy if this happens a third time.

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