July 15, 2012

Introducing, my new phone!

Today, my 3-years-and-7-months old Nokia 6300 officially retires from handphone duty and shall be replaced by... *drummmmmmmmmmm*


 Nope. Neither is it an Iphone Ultima 4X, nor a Samsung Galaxy SS3000 or whatever phone it is that gobbles up as much money as a netbook.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present the Nokia C5-00. Ordered online at Lycus Trading @ Lowyat forum (I highly recommend this seller) with a price tag of just under RM500. I'm not (and probably never will be) one who believes in owning the latestgreatestflashiestsnazzieststyliestuuhsahhohs gadgets, so after reading up about how similar it is to my trusted 6300 plus some extra muscle and with such a reasonable price tag, I really felt this would be it's most suited successor.

The design of the back of the phone is a welcome sight as the 6300's reminds me somewhat of a cigarette.

This concludes my brief introduction of my C5. Probably, some other time I'll continue with a closer look at some of the features (good and not so good) of this phone, as I have had a tiring weekend and would like to get some rest. Till then~!

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