July 1, 2012

Last day of job training

Well, working life hasnt been really much blogable. I havent had much chance for gatherings because I had to work full day on Saturdays, and nothing really special happened at work for me to come back and write a post. 

My last day of work was insanely hectic. Customers were flooding all day long, and with only 4 staff, everyone was incredibly stretched to our limits. Even I missed updating two of the job sheets because I was rushing from one job to another. I had my lunch at 2.30pm. My supervisor had his at 5.30pm. My manager didnt eat at all. 

Working here for 4 months, I've learned and experienced many different things. Some were interesting, some were unpleasant. But hey, making mistakes is one of the best ways to learn. Those lessons tend to stick with you the hardest. And I realised that working doesnt mean just grabbing the tools and get working on the car. Having to quickly adapt to sudden changes (like say, a staff suddenly leaves), handle irate co-workers, communicating properly, and much, much more. At least for the kind of job line I'm in. Well, being only 19, its been a valuable stint. There's a whole lot more to learn and experience so it's for my own good that I start as young as possible. 

Sure, I may not be having the fun and awesome life of most college students, but in this line of work, the more experience I get, the more it will help me further down the road.

Before I sign off, I'd just want to thank my manager, supervisor and two seniors (even if one of them is quite an asshole at times), well, everything.

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