July 8, 2012


I return to Subang today after a most enjoyed 1-week relaxation period at home. Being away for 5 months due to my training I've never missed home this much, neither have I cherished this stay so much. All the good food, the peaceful life...... well not really because my told me that crime rate has been rising there. But thankfully my loved ones there havent been victims, and I pray it stays that way. No in fact I pray that the crime rate goes down. 
Well, back to food. I've been eating like a king this whole week, and rightly so after a 4-month diet of economy rice. As a result I've slimmed down by a large margin. I used to be 73kgs with a 34 inch waistline after SPM. 1 and a half years later, I'm down to 61kgs with a 29in waist. Well I did want to lose weight but apparently I've overshot my target. So I've been delightfully stuffing myself 3 times a day for 7 days with foods like fried prawn mee, Domino's Pizza (yeap they have an outlet here now) and the sweet stuff like coconut water and cendol.

I had a quick catch-up meet with my ex-school mates, did some short errands for myself, rode around on my bike, and mostly just kicking both feet up at home. This time round, I decided to bring my camera along and snap photos of places in Sitiawan most memorable to me and also some landmarks. So, without further ado....

 Kampung Koh's pre-war shophouses. And this red thing is....

 This is SK Sri Selamat. I had my English Storytelling competition here in standard 3. Out of 20 students (and I was number 19. -.-) I finished third. It was something about a farmer, his wife and a magic sausage. I remember my mum stitched a giant cloth sausage for the contest.

 This is where me and my friends play badminton. This was also where I had private training with my coach from age 7 till 17.

 This is Astaka Field, formerly an airfield but now a popular place for jogging, kite-flying and other recreational activities

Basketball court

 This is the newly built Astaka Stadium grandstand. It wasnt finished when I was back for Chinese New Year. Great addition for those who come for local football matches

 A large variety of foods to choose from, and at really good prices. My dinners come from here.

 This is SK Simpang Empat. I had my district level public speaking competitions in Standard 5 and 6 here, finished second place both times.

 Some shops...

 Our own cinema complex!

 Some pre-war shophouses

 and more shophouses

 Manjung goes that way~

 This is our 'medan'. It used to be full of customers before Chinatown came in... there's still some good food here though

 Our two giant water towers. They've always intrigued me as a kid with its size and shape...

This is where we sometimes buy konlou mi.


 Long-serving cendol lady. No other cendol I've had is better than this one.

 SMK Convent

 the now-defunct Manjung Parade. It used to be a supermarket with a food court at the side, but now its deserted except for in the mornings where people can buy breakfast.

 My primary school. :)

My Standard 3 class was at the back there. The basketball court doubles as our assembly place.

 Me and my friends used to hang out and play here during recess. The shed, tables and stools weren't there during my time.

 This was my standard 5 and 6 classes. Not sure what the container is for though.

 The canteen, still as small as ever.

 Before I officially started driving lessons my mum brought me here for illegal early practice.

 What remains of the playground near my house.

 When I was 6 there was one time I rode my bike after rain pretending to be Valentino Rossi. It was here I lost control of my bike, face-planted and busted my lower lip.

 Literally meals on wheels. xD

 Our neighbourhood dog. It doesnt help that it's a female and gets humped a lot by other strays.


On Saturday, I went back to my secondary school...

 Toilets on the left, notice boards on the right

 Our canteen

 Notice boards

 more notice boards

The newly built auditorium

 ACS Green.

 Some unused skills were obtained here.

 Lower-6 classes

 Peeking inside...

 Our tennis court

 My least favourite room...

 Ground floor: Chemistry lab
First floor: Physics lab
Second floor: Biology lab

Real shame that the tree has been chopped. My form 5 classroom was at the right-most end of this block

 Testing out the camera on maximum resolution at 4000 x 3000 pixels

 Our school hall

 Our library

 The outside of our school

 The block of classes on the right-hand side is (or was) where Form 1, 2, 3 ,4 and Upper 6 classes are. A small counseling room is (or, was) also here

 Looking out towards Kg. Koh

 I had Add Maths tuition here

 I had all my other tuitions here

 Our wet market. This I think is the fruits and vegetables section

 And this should be the fish and seafood section

 Clothes are sold here

 The breakfast, snacks and tidbits section

 Meat section

 Wisma Ganda. There's nothing here except for some shops on the first floor, including a badminton shop and a watch shop which I normally go to.

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